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Hello everyone!

For this week’s blog I had some fun with my Internet browser. I opened it and simply pressed all of the keys to see which sites I get, that means the sites I often visit.
So here is a sneek peak of my favorite websites…

A – Au Fond du Jardin
 A high-end tea salon in Strasbourg, which makes wonderful madeleines of their own creation, and also a wide selection of exceptional teas. Their compositions are unique and you will not find the same anywhere else. I really love their teas and I have an impressive collection of them at home.
If you visit Strasbourg, don’t hesitate to go there, it’s close to the cathedral, you will be able to buy madeleines to take out, but if you want to eat in, you will have to make a reservation, as the place is quite small.

B – Bonbon Maléfique
You’re already on it, so I guess you know us ? (*≧▽≦)
But if you’re new, it’s my jewelry and accessory shop. Don’t hesitate to check out the site to discover all of our designs.

C – Collectif Clothing
One of my favorite vitnage-inspired clothing shops. They have a huge selection, I really love it ! There are clothes for every taste and every season. I strongly recommand this shop if you want to start a vintage inspired wardrobe.
I reviewed their Edwina pencil dress, click here to read the post.

D – No site

E – EGL Cicrclly
A great site for all of you that are Lolita fashion fans. It is an international auction site where you can buy and sell your Lolita clothes. I have a lot of items on sale on this site. If you are interested in items from my former wardrobe, I invite you to click on the link to my sales album.

F – Fables by Marti Heil
You have seen her many times mentioned in my fashion posts. She is the designer of my wonderful ring collection (✿ ♥‿♥) Awesome work, and adorable person !

G – Grunge Boutik
Local shop of various alternative fashions. I buy my petticoats and a few shoes there. I take a look to their site before going to the shops, they are not far away from my home. They have shops in ColmarMulhouse and Strasbourg.

H – Hell Bunny
Retro inspired clothing brand. I have a few dresses from them and an awesome winter coat. It is also a nice brand if you want to start out a vintage inspired wardrobe. Quality and prices are rather good.

I – Instagram
Follow me on Instagram ! I post a loooot of things all the time ! And maybe you ask yourself why I have Instagram in my computers browser history as Instagram is a mobile application… Just because I’m looking at pictures from my computer too. I like to look at pictures taken by friends or artists I like, for example singer and actor Reeve Carney.

J – Japanese Emoticons
Japanese Emoticons ? This is just because I’m too lazy to type my own emoticons (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) .゚☆(ノё∀ё)ノ☆゚.

J – Julien Chantôme
My Partner in life and photographer  (♥ω♥ ) ~♪ He also made the design of my website and the pictures of my products for sale. He is a very talented infographist and photogtapher, so don’t hesitate to contact him if you have a project. I often help him, so it would be a pleasure to meet you !

K – Kei Circlly
Another auction site about Japanese fashion. I also sell some clothes on there. It’s a sister site of EGL Circlly, but for non Lolita Jfashion styles.

L – Lookbook
Follow me on Lookbook ! And discover the outfits of thousands of other bloggers !

M – Miss Victory Violet
One of my favorite pin ups, with a great blog full of reviews and tips to improve your retro style. She is a great source of inspiration for me.

M – MyUS
An American shopping service. Most of Americans do ship worldwide, but sometimes it happens that you need some help, it’s always useful !
For those who don’t know what a shopping service is, it’s a person or business based in a foreign country who can buy something you want in a store or online and then ships the product to you. It is very useful when a brand doesn’t ship worldwide, or if the item you want is an instore exclusive.

M – MissLFire
Best shoes ever. ໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७ A wide selection of high quality leather shoes at reasonable prices. Perfect for vintage fashion lovers from the 30s to the 50s.

N – Netflix
To watch regarder Penny Dreadful. And Stranger Things. And Gotham. And The Crown. And the Baudlaires. And Girlboss. And also a lot of other stuff, even Goosebumps episodes from the 90s.

O – Nothing

P – Paypal
Our best friend.

P – Pinterest
A lot of ideas for anything.

Q – Nothing

R – RoyalVintageShoes
Also the best shoes ever. This american website sells several different brands that are pretty well known in the retro fashion world, including Miss L Fire, but they also have their own brand, « Royal Vintage ». High quality leather shoes inspired from designs from the 20s to the 40s. I’m a big fan of their 40s shoes, they are very comfy and well made. Plus they ship super quickly.

S –
Just because I still can’t memorize my business ID number.

T – TopVintage
A very wide selection of retro inspired clothing (yes, more clothes !). This site is based in the Netherlands, and they sell various european and american brands, and the delivery is the quickest ever ! Another great positive point of this site is that they measure every single piece of clothing and make their own size chart for each item, so you choose always the right size. I ordered a lot from them and I was never disappointed !

T – The Seamstress of Bloomsbury
If you are a fan of the 1940s fashion like I am, this is one of my favorite brands when it comes to repro. Fabrics and cuts are awesome, and clothe are made from vintage patterns, which makes them look authentic. I own several dresses that I wear on a daily basis.

T – The House of Foxy
And this is the second 40s repro brand, with a very authentic touch too. It is definitely one of my favorite repro brands, and each time I visit their site all I want is to buy everything !

U – Urban Decay
Because clothes are important, but also make up. I own several Urban Decay Palettes, and thanks to them I can make a different colored make up everyday. It’s a brand I discovered a long time ago totally randomly, and now I own a lot of their products. All of them are great quality.

V – Vivien Of Holloway
More clothes ! You will think that I only visit clothing brand sites, but it’s true. And this is another one I love, which makes gorgeous clothes of awesome quality. Discovered on Instagram, fell in love with one dress, ordered it, and now I want more !

Vintage inspired lingerie, corsets and stockings by What Katie Did.

W – What Katie Did
The lingerie brand I’m always talking about, and I’m addicted to them since a very long time ! Made with vintage patterns, so it’s perfect for those who look for something that looks authentic. Elegant and comfortable pieces, and also great quality seamed stockings with a great variety of colors.

X – Nothing. I don’t go to this kind of sites.

Y – YesStyle
A great site for all kind of Asian cosmetics. I’m a loyal Customer since several years.

Z – Nothing. I’m not interested in Zara or Zalando.

Yes, I love clothes. So next week I will write a new fashion post !
don’t hesitate to comment on this post and tell me if you want to know more about one specific shop !

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