Romantic Boxes are available online !

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Hello everyone !

You already saw them in Paris at Japan Expo, but if you were no there, no problem ! Because the Romantic boxes are now available to order on my site !

I decided to launch this very special product at this large Japanese Culture event, because its content is inspired by Japanese Lolita fashion and early XXth century french fashion.

La Romantic Box, première Box crée par Bonbon Maléfique. C'est un peu le Starter Pack pour accessoiriser une tenue.

It is the ideal “starter pack” to complete a first Lolita coordination.
The accessory set is composed of a floral necklace with matching bracelet and earrings, plus a hair bow.
Hair bows are very popular in Lolita, so I included my long successful chiffon bow with medallion decorated with handsewn beads.

All the pieces of the set are matching each other, so you cannot make any mistake if you don’t really know what to choose to start with. You just have to choose the right color to match your dress !

Of course, the Romantic Box is not only for beginners or even Lolitas.
If you look for a a gift for your best friend, or if you need a particular color of accessories to match your new dress, is is made for you !

Exemple de parure de La Box by Bonbon Maléfique. Version Romantic Box.

Here I speak principally about Lolita, but of course the content of the Romantic box can match numerous other styles due to its historical inspiration.
In my outfit of the day, I wear the set with a retro style, with a Hearts & Roses I bought from Top Vintage and shoes by Miss L Fire.

When worn separately, the jewelry items are discreet and can easily be worn on a daily basis.
They are exclusive to the box and you will not find them in my regular range.

There will be different boxes based on different styles (Retro for example), but I’ll talk about this later.

The idea of boxes came to me because I sell on a lot of fairs and conventions. A lot of people there are looking for gifts, but it happens very often that when you have a wide range of products, they don’t really know what to choose.
I met several people who wanted to start out in a certain style and asked me for advice about what to choose.

With the box, there is a complete matching accessory set, but it is also displayed in a beautiful packaging and bonus items.
We made special postcards with different illustrations and photos, each box contains 2 of them randomly chosen. You will also get a cute small purse matching the accessories colors.

Exemple de parure portée de La Romantic Box by Bonbon Maléfique.

There will be a lot of surprises in the next times !

Also don’t miss our monthly sale ! 14 % off a selection of blue, white and red items ! Only until August 11th, and stocks are very limited !

See you soon for new fashion and beauty posts !

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