Stop fast fashion, buy vintage !

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Hello everyone !

We just opened our newest section on our site,  Bonbon Maléfique Vintage.

Find a selection of quality vintage items found and selected by the Bonbon Maléfique team.
Skirts, dresses, blouses, tops, stockings, bags, jewelry… Like us, give a second chance to these beautiful items for an unique and timeless look.

I had this project in mind since a while, and it means a lot to me, for several reasons.

First of all, like I already said it before, I’m a huge fan of past fashions, so the first and main reason is the look.

A lot of people, particularly younger ones, tend to say that what is not fashionable is lame.
But for people like me, seeing a picture for example from the 1950s looks awesome.

Photos de l'élégance des années 50

When we think that these clothes will not be loved anymore, won’t have their picture taken or simply worn, it makes us kinda sad.
Plus a lot of these clothes ended up in the bin because they were not “modern” enough anymore.

But fortunately for us, and also for you, it’s still possible to find some beautiful pieces from different eras, and give them a new chance.
These clothes already have a story, and what we want, is that you continue this story. A vintage piece of clothing is a piece that has already been loved, and which still deserves love, because it has been made to last.

We are far away from fast fashion…

By the way let’s talk about fast fashion.

Today’s fashion world is full of large “fast fashion” businesses, throw-away fashion that renews itself constantly.

You all know these stores, like H&M, Zara, Primark…
New collections every week, all this to be at the top of the trends, with low quality low cost clothing, which are thrown away after a few months and then you buy the newest ones and so on…

How can these stores sell clothing for such cheap prices ? They are made in horrible conditions in asian countries. Pollutant factories which use toxic chemicals, in which workers are miserably paid and treated. All this to mass produce t shirts that will be sold 3.50 € and which will end up in a landfill two months later. After all, it’s out of fashion, so it cannot be worn anymore, so we don’t care about what is done with it.

Fast Fashion

If you understand french, I strongly recommend you to watch this very interesting and funny video about this topic by Nicolas Meyrieux “La Barbe”.

To fight against this industry is also one of the reasons why I wanted to sell second hand colthing on my site.

It means also a lot for me to support small businesses when it comes to buying new clothes, rather than to feed billionnaires and mass production industry.
And you don’t want to look like everyone else anyway.

I also was a “victim” of fast fashion a long while ago, when I was a kid.
Of course when you are 12-13 and want to be fashionable in order not to be bullied at school and that you don’t have a lot of money, you follow everyone and buy this fashionable 10 € dress. And also the next one, because if you don’t have it, you will be mocked. You always have to have the newest item, because once the popular girls threw it out, you better throw it away too.

We don’t notice it, but we spend a lot of money on these throw-away items. Constantly buying and throwing away costs a lot.

When it comes to me it didn’t lasted long. Because I quickly started to wear alternative fashions. Most of the clothes were more expensive but also better quality (this is not always true, but that’s a different story) and also more appealing styles.
I never really liked to throw my clothes away, I was always happy when I bought something and could keep it for years. This is also why I preferred to stay away from the poorly made mass produced clothes.

Low quality and a style that does not suit me anymore : Perfect, so I won’t be tempted to buy anything anymore.
It is a first step to “buy less but buy better”.

Some of you will say “Good for you but most of the people buy in these stores, you can’t defeat them”.

It’s true, I don’t even try to “defeat” them, but I think that if more people become concious of the consequences and stop buying there it will be already great.
All the reasons are good ones, ecology, ethics…
You can change the world by having a more responsible shopping behavior.
Like they say in Dinotopia : One raindrop raises the sea. (Yeah even my TV shows references are vintage).

You always have the choice.

To come back to our Vintage section, we will add items when we make new findings.

I leave you with today’s outfit :



Boutique en ligne bonbon maléfique vintage


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