The famous Hell Bunny polka dot dress

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Hello everyone !

Usually I’m not the type of person who likes popular stuff, particularly when it comes to clothes, I hardly ever like « fashionable » items. It was even more true with Lolita fashion. While everyone was after the newest print, I always preferred the more discreet dresses, either black or floral. But usually I don’t like to wear an item that I often see on a lot of people, because the item will look boring to me.
When I started to wear retro inspired outfits, I even said I don’t want a polka dot dress.
But as sometimes we still make exceptions, I bought one. A very popular Hell Bunny design we often see in red.

I bought a blue one, because I don’t want to be like everyone else. Well not this is not the real reason. It is because blue is one of my favorite colors and I’m not so much into red, particularly bright red.
Actually I was looking for summer dresses, and I bought several floral prints, but I really liked this polka dot one, I don’t even know why. It’s not the dots themselves, it’s just that I liked the dress itself. The cut is nice and the color is very beautiful. This halter neck cut is a very nice summer classic.

I had a lot of fun during the photoshoot with Julien Chantôme for this post. Maybe you have seen the video on Instagram (^ _ ^)/ Follow me if you don’t already do it !

This dress has back shirring, which makes it fit perfectly.

To come back to our business, like I said previously, it is the Mariam by Hell Bunny.
It is a light cotton dress, which ends below the knee, which has back shirring, which is great because it makes it fit perfectly.
This dress seems to run rather small, so I bought size S which fits me perfectly.

I also wear a Hell Bunny petticoat, which is very similar to the one I own from Banned.

For today’s outfit I wanted to do something simple and elegant with this dress.
So I chose to coordinate it with this Vava Vintage 60s styled black leather bag I got from the Top Vintageonline shop.
The dress itself is already quite outstanding, so I didn’t wanted to put on too much accessories or something too visible. I absolutely wanted to avoid any patterns.
As for the shoes, I chose to wear something quite simple, the black Loretta by Miss L Fire.
First, I wanted to wear the Marilyn pumps from Royal Vintage. Both looked very good, because the dress is quite versatile. You can wear it in a more glamour way, or with a pair of Converse sneakers and a bandana.
But the weather decided for me, as it was hot, I preferred the sandals, and as I didn’t plan to wear stockings either it was better. But this dress looks wonderful with What Katie Did’s blue seamed stockings !

About make up and hair, as usual I choose to have a natural effect. By the way I bought new fake lashes which look more natural than my previous ones which I used in Lolita and which were quite extreme.

To finish, let’s add some jewelry ! It was the perfect outfit to introduce the latest sets available now at the Bonbon Maléfique shop.
The Marguerite set is composed of a necklace with drop pendant, and matching earrings, all this in 8 different colors to match all of your outfits

And now today’s outfit details :

+ Dress : Hell Bunny
+ Bag : Vava Vintage via Top Vintage
+ Shoes : Miss L Fire
+ Make up with Shiseido and Besame Cosmetics

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