2017 Retrospective

Hello everyone !

I just noticed that the last time I made a retrospective was not last year but 2 years ago. I was sure that I made one last year, but in fact I did not  o(≧∇≦o)

Last one I did was in 2016 for 2015, so we can say that a lot of things happened during all that time, in my personal life but also regarding my shop.

The shop

Well I won’t talk too much about  2016, even if my shop evolved a lot during this year. If I have to describe 2016 and also 2017 in one word it would be conventions.
I took part of a lot of conventions and I keep adding more all the time.

The first major change regarding Bonbon Maléfique is the creation of this website and new blog (remember the old one on blogspot,  and also I closed down my Etsy shop.
My jewelry is on sale here on www.bonbonmalefique.com and also a selection is available on Ebay and Vinted.

I also started to sell vintage clothes that I repare, so I’m also present on a lot of Vintage markets.

These changes have principally been induced by a huge change in my life that started mid-2016 : I left Lolita fashion.

Of course this aesthetic change had a lot of influence on my shop. I changed a lot of things.

Today I’m very proud of the new image of my shop, and also the fact I started to sell clothes. I wanted to sell clothes since a long while, but in Lolita I didn’t knew how I could do this.
Vintage has been a revelation for the evolution of my shop and it makes me very happy.

I will be present on new events with a retro, vintage and American theme in 2018 ! I’m so impatient !  (๑>ᴗ<๑)
But of course you will still see me on some Japan Expo like events.


Fashion and personal life

As I said before, on of my most important changes last year and this year was my fashion style change.
So because of this I did not do what I said I wanted to do in my previous retrospective (going to more Lolita events), but it doesn’t matter because I did a whole lot of new things and met a bunch of new people !

Of course even if I totally left the Lolita world, I still keep wonderful friends I met thanks to this fashion.

When it comes to travel, in 2016 we had a lot of work with Julien, so we just took a week to go to Spain.

Of course as we love to travel, and when you love it you quickly miss it, we caught up this year and made a one month trip to the USA in september / october 2017.

It really was a fabulous trip, and I strongly recommend you to read my Travelogue (* >ω<).
I really loved this country, and I already want to go there again  (✿ ♥‿♥)
For the moment I don’t know where we will go next, but let’s see !

Anyway, I already have a lot of projects planned for this year, and I hope that more stuff will come during the year (* >ω<)

To finish 2017 nicely, something small but quite important for me happened : I have been able to sell my two last Lolita fashion items on december 31st !  (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

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