An outfit inspired by a movie character

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Hello everyone !

I think that you know what cosplay is ? It is a hobby that consists in reproducing the costume of a movie, manga, or video game character. It is a very popular hobby in many countries in the world, and there are a lot of contests on events like Comic Con, and there are also dedicated events.
With my shop, I went to the « Cosplay’in Wesserling » event, at the Parc de Wesserling in France. There were a lot of independant brands, a lot of steampunk designers, and several friends I often see at other conventions.

As I’m not into cosplay at all, but I still wanted to fit the theme, I had the idea of putting together an outfit inspired by a movie character. So I chose a character I like and who has an awesome 1940s aesthetic. Miss Peregrine portrayed by Eva Green in Tim Burton’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

I restyled the character with my own style. It was the perfect occasion to wear my favorite dress the 1940s Victory Wiggle Evening Dress by House of Foxy. I really love this dress and I wear it as often as I can, I love the lace and beads applique, but also the shape and it’s very comfortable to wear.
I could have chosent Vanessa Ives from Penny Dreadful (Yes, I love Eva Green !) but I think I would have suffered from heat, even if it was very tempting to wear my antique 1910s dress. Whatever.
I added a Vivienne Westwood peplum jacket to remind the character.

Shoes are from Falbalas, my favorite antique shop in Paris at the puces de Saint Ouen. They have their own brand of repro shoes from different eras, and their quality is awesome !

To this I added black contrast stockings from What Katie Did, and a pocket watch.

I kept jewelry minimal by wearing only a pair of Bonbon Maléfique earrings, as the character doesn’t wear jewelry.

For make up, I did something darker than usual, but not as much as in the movie, I wanted it to stay quite natural. I didn’t made such a dark make up since a while, so it felt a bit weird to me. I added a discreet pink lipstick.

I really had fun doing my hair, I mixed buns and victory rolls with THE distinctive little lock. Jeez I think I never put so much hairspray on one single lock of hair.
I’m pretty satisfied with the overall result, because people recognized the Miss Peregrine inspiration.

I was with my friend Emilie who made a « pin up version » of Batman’s Poison Ivy.

My favorite movies, TV shows and books have always been a great source of inspiration for me, you might have noticed this in one of my previous posts in which I’m wearing my frames dress, the outfit was a tribute to Dorian Gray.
I think it’s pretty fun to make such references from time to time, and push it a bit further for special occasions.

I leave you with the details of the outfit :

+ Jacket : Vivienne Westwood
+ Dress : The House of Foxy
+ Stockings : What Katie Did
+ Make up with Shiseido and Besame Cosmetics
+ Shoes : Falbalas
+ Jewelry : Bonbon Maléfique

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