Beauty Review : Zeesea x The British Museum Egypt Collection

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Hello everyone !

I don’t write a lot of blog posts recently, first because I was overwhelmed with work, but now all of my conventions from march, april and may have been either cancelled or postponed… I guess I don’t need to tell you why.
We are in a very difficult situation with our business right now due to this, and we are quite afraid of the future…

But I’m not here to talk about this. To be sure that you know everything about the next events we are part of, join my Facebook page and also take a look to the calendar which is always updated.

I wanted to make this post since months but I had no time to write or take photos.

As you already know, I’m a history lover, not only the 1940s, but a lot of other eras. Since I’m a child I am very interested in ancient Egypt, mythology, monuments and legends.
A little while ago I found out about the chinese makeup brand Zeesea, who released in collaboration with the British Museum, an Egypt collection.

I already see you coming, saying that if it’s a Chinese brand it must be low quality. But I already tried a lot of asian brands during my « asian cosmetics » phase, I’m not afraid of anything.
Before placing my order, I searched for a lot of real client pictures and videos, to be sure that the products are not scam.

So I placed my order, which included a « Snake » palette, face powder and a lipstick. All of this for about 50€.

This is what I got after about a week. All of it very nicely packed, well protected. Each product also came in a sealed packaging that was quite difficult to remove. Maybe they wanted you to feel like Howard Carter opening Tutankhamon’s tomb.  ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨

Just by seeing the packaging you already know that you are looking at quality products.

Let’s start with the palette. I chose the « Golden Earth » for its earthy tones, because it’s what I use for my daily retro look.

There are 16 colors, mostly brown/beige tones and warm colors. There is also a strange purple glittery thing which I sincerely don’t know why it’s here. But I’ll talk about it later.

There is only one of the colors which I absolutely don’t know if I will use, it’s the yellow. But it doesn’t really matter, it’s just one out of 16.

This palette is thick and very heavy and very beautiful with the snake design and a big mirror which is very practical. It’s also quite small so very useful when you are a traveler like me.

Then the face powder (with my little cat amulet I got at the British Museum when I was 13 for those who were wondering)

The powder is a classic one. Also heavy with a lovely mirror. I bought the #00 color « Light Skin », and I was right, because it is way lighter than I thought it would be. Be careful if you want to buy the Ivory, because it might be totally white.

And last but not least, the lipstick !

You have to see it to believe it. This lipstick is impressive, with hieroglyphs, incredibly detailed. Maybe there is a curse written on it  ━(◯Δ◯∥)━ン

But if you dont read it out loud there will be no problem. (*≧▽≦)
I know I’m a huge fan of mummy movies and games.

So for the lipstick, I chose the 308 color.

Now, let’s try !

For this look, I tried to get some inspiration from 1930s basic make ups, but at the end I look 40s as usual. I think it’s because of the eyebrows.
30s eyebrows were super thin and round, and I hate this…

I used mostly Zeesea products, and I just added my usual Besame Cosmetics cream rouge and mascara. I also added my usual half fake lashes because I don’t have lashes. No eyeliner because I stopped using it, and also no foundation, only the Zeesea powder.


A few tips from for those who want to try.

This is it for the little history lesson. Let’s get back to my test.

For eyebrows, I used one of the dark brown eyeshadows close to my hair color.
On the eyes I decided to follow the « glamour evening » 1930s make up, so I used the purple shimmer which I talked about earlier.
It is not purple at all, just glittery. I had a lot of glittery eyeshadows in the early 2000s, and most of them did not work at all, the glitter did not stick on the eyes. Here it does, and it’s great !
Then I added a beige tone all over to get this result :


I really love it. It stays in place all day, eyeshadow, powder and lipstick.
For women who like modern elaborate make up, these product may not be pigmented enough, but for a natural or retro look it’s perfect.
To me it’s a great value for the price.

Definitely adopted !

Cairo, 1939.

3 Replies to “Beauty Review : Zeesea x The British Museum Egypt Collection”

  1. thank you for your helpful post. i have been eager to buy the lipstick, but was a bit dubious. You convinced me.

  2. Just bought the mascara and I wish you had reviewed one of those 😅 but your well detailed article made me feel more relieved

    1. Haha yeah sorry I never bought any of their mascaras 🙂

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