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Hello everyone !

I missed talking about make up, you all know how much I love that !  (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

My make up style changed and improved during the time, but since a few years I finally found out what suited me the best.
I went from too much contrasted make up during my goth period, to even heavier make up even if better done during most of my Lolita period. Sometimes I added up massive fake lashes with colored lenses (if anyone wondered why my eyes used to be turkwise colored a while back…) fake hair extensions and contouring to look like a doll. Or a visual kei stage costume it’s up to you, but nothing that looked close to natural.

Then I decided to throw all this out and also the too extravagant clothing styles.

Believe me you feel free after that  (╯✧∇✧)╯

I got tired of the 150 shades of black and blue overnight, and particularly the overdose of black. So I decided to buy one of these Naked by Urban Decay palettes and found myself a passion for nude make up. I think that these colors suit my face more than the dark stuff. And it was also quicker and easier to apply.

I think that a lighter make up enhances the face features more than a heavy mask that can make someone almost unrecognizable.

Each time someone asks me for make up advice, I always give the same answer : Stay simple, unless it’s for a special occasion. But for daily make up it’s better to keep it light.
To do my make up every day I take less than 10 minutes.  (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

I always start with either a BBcream or a hydrating foundation that does not need a day cream underneath.
But at the time I try something new with the Stick foundation I got from Besame Cosmetics added to a day cream.
I only put on a very small quantity and then unify my skin with a Vanilla powder from same brand or my Shiseido powder.

I talk a lot about Besame Cosmetics lately, but it is because it has become one of my favorite make up brands. I try more and more of their products and I love all of them. And when you’re a vintage enthusiast like me, is there something better to fill your vanity case than retro styled products ?

Anyway. Then I redraw my eyebrows to make them more visible. A while ago I used to remove the back part of them in order to draw them in different shapes every day but I stopped doing this and I don’t recommend it, because it does not look natural at all.
Now everything I do is to redraw the shape of my eyebrows with a brown Besame Cosmetics cake mascara that I specially bought for this use. Even if I’m very tempted to try it as mascara and eyeliner to change a bit from my usual black.
You can also do this with black but I’m not a fan.

Then for the blush I use a cream rouge always from the same brand, but only a very small quantity which is enough. It is very different from powder blushes.
I took a few weeks to be able to apply it correctly on the cheeks.

Then for the eyes, I start with a primer, and then my all time favorite eyeliner, even if I made in thinner through the time.
I also have two products for this. My Clé de Peau cream eyeliner which I use since years, and the marvellous Besame Cosmetics black cake mascara which you understood can be used as mascara, eyeliner and eyebrow make up.

A 3 in 1 product that is one of my favorites today.

When it comes to eyeshadow, my palette of the moment is the Tartelette in Bloom by Tarte Cosmetics.

I’m a huge Urban Decay fan when it comes to palettes, but I heard a lot of positive things about Tarte Cosmetics so I wanted to try.
I’m totally convinced. Plus the palette is rather small so it’s an ideal travel size, and also I prefer these tones to the Urban Decay ones. I like both actually but if I had to choose only one I would go for Tarte. And also it smells super good.

This palette is perfect for nude makeups in beige tones.

I pretty like to change colors for special occasions, but beige tones are my favorites for a daily look, because it matches every type of clothes.

Then I add a second coat of eyeliner in order to make it as black as possible, a bit of mascara and a lightweight half fake lash.

As a final touch for my lips I either use the cream rouge or my favorite Besame Cosmetics lipstick, the Wild Orchid shade.

On the pictures :

+ Dress : The Seamstress of Bloomsbury
+ Necklace and earrings : Bonbon Maléfique Jewelry

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