Clothes : How to deal with a disappointment

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Hello everyone !

Sometimes we fall in love with a piece of clothing on the internet, and if you can have a discount on it it’s even better. So you order it and you are impatient to get it.

But sometimes it happens that you’re disappointed, either by the quality of the clothes, or the size.

This happens to almost everyone and also happened to me.

Long story short I needed a new winter coat as I had sold my two lolita coats, plus I had left the fashion so I didn’t wanted to wear them anymore anyway.

I had a big crush on the Hell Bunny Isadora coat, so I ordered it direclty, in the size I usually buy from most of the brands as I had no Hell Bunny clothes at the moment.

It arrived very quickly.

The fabric looks great, and even the fake fur (Usually I don’t like it because it looks too fake most of the time) is nice. Plus it has a hood, which is why I wanted it.

Then I tried it on. And here comes the disappointment.

This brand runs very, very big. So I find myself with a coat that is a lot too big for me, particularly when it comes to the waist. It’s perfect at the shoulders, but the waist is way too big. Plus I bought it from a reseller, as it was the only place I found where this size was available, and the size chart wasn’t helping as it was standard, and not proper to this brand.

What to do next ?

I had three options :

Send it back, but I would have to pay for it, and it would have been very expensive as the coat is quite heavy.

Resell it and buy one size smaller. But it would not have been better as the shoulders would have been too small, as well as the sleeves. And too small is even worse than too big.

Or find a way to wear it.

My first idea was to make the waist smaller by sewing darts in the back to make it smaller. But I found out something a lot easier.

To check how wide it was, I simply wrapped the coat around me without closing the buttons. And I noticed that it looked good.
So I added a belt to close the coat. It’s as simple as that. I wear it this way since.

By the way I think that the collar looks better folded like than than completely closed, it’s more elegant to me.

Belts are magic

And you don’t need a Harry Potter scarf for that.

This is a piece of advice I often give to people, also when I’m selling vintage clothes.
And I apply it to myself since years. I started to do that during my Goth period, when I often had the problem of clothing being too wide for me as I was very skinny as a teen.

Wearing a belt, on a dress, jacket, or even a shirt can drastically change the clothes appearence.
It looks particularly great on shirt-dresses, which are often sort of baggy.

Just add a belt, and say goodbye to the « grandma’s apron dress » effect.

Thanks to that very simple method I finally love my coat. The fabric is nice and warm, and I’m very happy to have kept it. I have compliments all the time in the street.


But to be honest, I’ll never buy from Hell Bunny again. I got two dresses after the coat, and I was also disappointed about the size. I just think this brand is not for me. All the items I tried were too wide at the waist meanwhile they were right everywhere else.

Well, it’s always a bit the same when you start to wear a new type of clothes. You try stuff, and then with time you find out which brands or designs are the best for you.

I would like to find a true vintage coat one day. My husband has one.  (●♡∀♡)

So to conclude, if you get a piece that is not perfectly sized for you, look for some tips before reselling it, sometimes it’s as easy as a belt.


Outfit in pictures :

Coat : Hell Bunny
Scarf : The Making of Harry Potter – London 
Béret : Offbrand
Bag : Vintage
Stockings : What Katie Did
Shoes : Grunge Boutik 
Earrings and ring : Fables by Marti Heil
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