Clothes that are not worth their price

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Hello everyone !

Fist of all, you have noticed that I did not wrote blog posts since a while. As I said in my 2018 retrospective, my husband and I bought a house at the end of 2018, and we had some work to do to achieve our dream retro interior and also the construction of our workshop. So this explains why I had no time to write blogs during the last months. But now I can start to write again, and also I’ll make new photos because I missed it !  (*^▽^)/

So this post will be about fashion, and also my own experience.

I guess everyone at least once put a piece of clothing back on the rack because it was too expensive for what it was.

I mean, really, yo, that’s $50 for a t-shirt !

Be careful of these fashions (alternative or mainstream) that drain your wallet !

You see me coming. When I talk about my own experience, the best example I have is Gothic Lolita fashion. So I will use this as an example in this post, but you could say the same with any alternative style or fashionable mainstream items. Strong marketing is present in any style.

So yes, I have bought overpriced clothes during almost 9 years. And I’m not proud of it, at all ! I was just one more victim of strong and well made marketing.

The overpricing was one of the reasons why I decided to quit this fashion (even if the main reason is that I got tired of this fashion, but this is another story).

Welcome to the world of overpricing and dreamy advertising.

Let me explain this.

First you fall in love with this new fashion style you just discovered, and then you dream about wearing it.
Then it’s time to buy your first dress, and you realize that it is very expensive. But the magazine or website you saw it on, said that with this dress you will be a real life princess.
So what do you do ? You buy this €300 dress. After all, the magazine said that it was a lurxury item, so it’s normal that it’s expensive, and it is your « dream dress » anyway. Even if you can’t afford it in the first place.

Then you get addicted.
Marketers will make you buy more and more dresses and you won’t even notice.

An event ? You will absolutely need a new dress ! Always 300€ because it is normal, it is a luxury fashion.

Also you will need a coat, and shoes. And of course, tons of overpriced accessories. But everything is normal, as it’s a luxury fashion.

You spend a lot of money for dresses you wear once a month. Or just once. Or even not at all because you wanted this dress but when you recieved it, you end up not liking it or it doesn’t fit. Sometimes you don’t even know why you bought it. It’s just that it was the latest release of your favorite brand and you just had to buy it for no reason. This dress is a marker of your social value. You want to be integrated in your group.

All of this happened to me.

I have been blinded by advertising, all these clothes sold to me as luxury items, and therefore I thought that their price was right. I was so wrong ! I even still blame myself for not having been able to notice this scam earlier.

I was blindly buying, because all my friends did the same. When I think about that I feel so stupid.

At this moment there is a danger : If you don’t have a lot of money and that you tend to make compulsive purchases,  this can lead to financial problems.

I have always been a very reasonable person and I always looked for bargains and second hand sites (I can thank myself for that !), but I have seen a lot of people in the Lolita fashion community who had negative bank accounts every months, spending their food money on dresses.

Being addicted to shopping and clothes can have dramatic consequences. And for what ? Just having an overfilled closet of clothes you never use ?

It is when I got seriously interested in fabrics and clothing construction that I finally opened my eyes.

I can say thank you to my interest in vintage.

My 300€ dresses I thought were made in « noble fabrics » were nothing more than 100 % polyester. When you don’t read tags….

Luxury princess dresses, made of plastic.

Ever wondered why you were sweating like a pig ? Plastic isn’t exactly the silk you thought it was… Not surprising…

This dress is definitely not worth 300 €. Cheap fabric, but also cheap labor to make them. Again look at the tag, your clothes are made in poor countries with miserable salary rates.

Same for your synthetic leather shoes (plastic again, plastic is -not- fantastic), you know, the ones you paid 200€ for. These are also made in low pay factories in Asia.

Don’t you feel scammed ? Don’t you feel stupid for falling into this marketing trap ?

You will also pay a lot for the name that’s written on the dress.

Take the same dress, of same quality, but without a brand name, it will be way cheaper. By the way there are many chinese factories who don’t hesitate to sell off-brand items that are identical to the brand ones, except that the tag does say something else or has ho tag at all.

Just look at retro petticoats. You find the same ones from brands such as Banned, Hellbunny or Collectif, and you can also find the off brand version for a fraction of the price.

Add a brand and the face of the community’s idol, you can increase the price to crazy amounts. No worries, fans always buy.

If you want to be seen, and liked for your style, so you have to have this dress, these shoes, all the accessories from that brand, and if you don’t, you suck and your community will not appreciate you. Again, it’s the social marker. So you buy because you want to show to your community that you are valuable.

You got used to pay a lot for your clothes without even noticing. And if someone tried to say « Don’t you think what you buy is overpriced ? » you always said «  »But it’s normal, it’s luxury quality ! » because this is what the marketers made you believe.

And there you are in your plastic outfit you spent 700€ or more to get. Made in a miserable factory in horrible conditions. Marketers have won.

They don’t sell just a dress, they also sell the dreams that go with it. With your dress, you will believe that you are a princess, or a movie star or I don’t know what the marketers will try to make you believe, but someone important for sure.

Just think about this for a second.

Don’t let businesses trick you. If you’re tempted by an expensive item, take a closer look to where it has been made, how it is made, and the composition of the fabric.
Ask yourself if it is really worth the price, or if you just pay for a name on a tag.

Now a big question : What if you really want that item, even if you think that it is too expensive, but you really love the design ?

Easy : Try to get it on the second hand market. If it is a trendy piece of a popular brand, you will find it very easily at low prices on sites such as Vinted, or for alternative fashions, on Facebook groups.

I think that most of the people have been victims of overpricing at least once. You get fooled by marketing and buy without paying attention. Just because one item is trendy doesn’t mean you really have to possess it. You won’t be cooler or more appreciated if you own it than if you don’t.

Of course there are exceptions. There are some items that are a bit more pricey but for good reasons. I will talk about this in a future post.

But if it is an item that is expensive just to be expensive, just think a bit before buying, because you might regret ir very quickly once you will be disappointed with the quality.

Also, be careful of the cheap clothes industry too. You know, these famous big stores that are super popular (Zara, Primark, H&M and others….)

Poor quality throw-away low priced items, mass made in terrible working conditions for people who make them.

In another post, we will see why « because it was cheap » is not a good reason to buy something.

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