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Hello everyone !

I started to be interested in corsets during my gothic fashion period. Seems quite obvious. But like many of us, I did stupid things with this.

Who never bought a cheap low quality corset from a gothic shop ? (Bonus if it was the one decorated in scratchy plastic raschel lace)
Plus you might have paid a lot for it, because sellers said that corsets are expensive (but this is kinda true).

On the best part the corset will just be uncomfortable, on the worst part it could hurt you.

Or you searched the internet, looking for « cheap gothic corset ».

So you spend a little fortune of money and you leave the store with your decorative plastic boned « corset », dreaming you will look like this 1905 picture you saw on the DarkestDarkness goth forum. (Yeah back in my time there was no Facebook, not even Myspace, so we went to forums. But youngsters don’t know what kind of time it was…)

Of course most of the time you won’t be told that what you just bought is a decorative corset that you must not tighten, and which will not reduce your waist like you want to. On the best part the corset will just be uncomfortable, on the worst part it could hurt you.

I have got several of them and loved to wear them despite them being super incomfortable and tried to tighten them, until the day one of them broke. One of the plastic bones went out of its place and almost stabbed me. Fortunately I just got a scratch, I was lucky.

Of course, this is not what was going to stop me, so I went to an awesome gothic shop in Germany to buy a new one, and the shop added a tag on similar items, saying « Warning : Decorative corset, do not tighten ! »
At this moment I understood why they were so uncomfortable and did not make the desired effect.

Then I stopped buying them when I moved on to Lolita instead of Goth. I got a few decorative corsets, which I did not tighten this time, but I wasn’t wearing them very often as their cuts were not that great and they were not comfortable either.

At the end of last year I decided to invest in a corset again, but this time a really good one, made by a corsetier, meant to be worn under clothes and made to reduce waist, with steel boning. So goodbye « cheap » and plastic.
My favorite lingerie brand makes great corsets, so I decided to buy one for christmas, and I have to say that I really love it.

The brand also gives very good advice about how to wear a corset and what you have to be careful about. They give a little sheet with every purchase and I strongly recommend you to read it. Among others, they say that you should never close your corset all at once, it has to be made progressively.

I chose an underbust riding corsets, which allows a lot of mobility, and I really love it.

I think that underbust corsets are more convenient. They allow you to wear different bras according to the dress you want to wear. And we know that breast shape is super important in retro style.

We can do anything with it, without difficulty.
The cut is made so that it doesn’t block any bust or hip movement, but it has an amazing back support, which is a very important part of comfort. And of course flattens your tummy  ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

This design allies comfort and waist reduction, exactly what I was looking for.

You can choose from several sizes depending of which result you want.

I chose 24 inches (abuot 60-61cm waist) because I followed the brand’s advice saying that the best size is taking your natural waist minus 8-10cm. My waist is 68cm so this is what I did.

You can also choose the color of the fabric. It is a beautiful satin lined with cotton.
I chose peach because I own a lot of peach colored lingerie, but it also looks nice with black.

I also preferred a lighter color in order for it to be less visible under light colored clothing.

So don’t forget, yes, a good corset is rather expensive, but look at how it is built and don’t be fooled ! Buy it from a corsetier and don’t hesitate to contact them if you have questions.

+ Lingerie and corset : What Katie Did

+ Make up with Urban Decay et Besame Cosmetics

+ Ring by Fables by Marti Heil

+ Earrings and necklace by Bonbon Maléfique

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