17 fashion and beauty tips to be elegant on a daily basis

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Hello folks !

Everyone says that being elegant is an art, but it is mostly a manner of being.
The art of being simple but still noticeable, because an elegant person never leaves people indifferent.

It is difficult to learn how to be elegant as it is something natural, but there are always a few useful tips to improve.
So let’s start with our little elegance lesson.

Oh yes, I have to make an important precision before starting : There are a lot of fashion-beauty Youtubers and bloggers who make videos and posts with tips, but they often precise that they don’t do everything they say (particularly when it comes to shopping…)
Everything I’m going to say here are things that I do, because I will never give a piece of advice that I don’t do myself. I don’t like the « Do what I say not what I do » thing.

Now let’s go for 17 tips about how to be elegant on a daily basis :

1. Have a good personal hygiene

Yes I know, this is Captain Obvious talking, but when I said that we will start with the beginning, it is the beginning. You just have to go to the underground or bus to notice that being clean is not obvious for everyone. So I prefer to precise that smelling bad is not elegant at all. So have a good hygiene, clean hair, clean skin and so on…

2. Wear good quality clothing

This is also one of the most important aspects of elegance to me. You can not be elegant if you don’t wear decent quality clothing. This includes underwear and swimwear as well. It is better to buy less clothes than a lot of cheap quality ones. It’s not at Zara, H&M or Primark that you will find quality items that are also well tailored. And even less for 2 € on Wish.

When you buy clothes or underwear, pay attention to the fabrics. Avoid cheap looking fabrics.

If there is an item that you like but the fabric looks cheap, don’t buy it. Cheap looking clothes are not elegant.
And if you still buy it, let me tell you that you won’t even wear it. You will just waste money and fill up your wardrobe with useless items. Believe me, cheap fabric is obvious and you will notice it from far away.

If you like online shopping, stay away from cheap Chinese sites ! (Hi Wish…)
The item you’re going to buy will not look like the picture, and good luck to get a refund or to return it…
Better save your money by avoiding these sites where deals are too god to be true.
If you are not convinced, just take a look to this Daily Mail article..

What I recommend if you have a small budget : To find good quality clothes at lower price, buy vintage ! With the 50 € you would have wasted for a tacky Primark dress, you can get a beautiful French, American, English or Italian made vintage dress…

3. Don’t buy counterfeit products !

First of all, it’s illegal.
And then, it is not elegant at all.
You will look better with an offbrand, independant or vintage item, than an obvious fake that will make you look ridiculous.
Elegance is not a matter of brand.
You dream of a Chanel bag but you cannot afford it ? Take a look to a vintage shop, I’m sure you will find an elegant leather bag for a small price and of great quality.

4. Choose the right underwear

Too many people are neglecting underwear, saying that we don’t need to care about them because « nobody sees them ». But you’re wrong. They are very important, it’s them who will define your silhouette.

Choose underwear that is adapted to your outfit, and coordinate them carefully.
Because if you want to feel glamorous and beautiful, it is very important to think that you’re beautiful when wearing lingerie.
Believe me this is a great way to feel more confident.
Also think about your beloved one who will see it.
By the way talking about that, don’t hesitate to talk about the subject of lingerie with your beloved and ask him what he likes. You might be surprised. I have known a lot of women who just imagined what men could like, and were totally wrong because they realized their men’s tastes was the total opposite of what they thought.

Prefer neutral colored underwear, such as black, skintone, white… It is easier to coordinate and matches every pieces of clothing.

Avoid flashy colors which can be noticed through some clothes, and can also have a vulgar look.
There is nothing worse than a little black dress with a neon pink bra strap showing.

As for clothes, the main rule is quality.
Invest in quality bras that have good support, and buy different styles so you have one for each piece of clothing you have. Strapless, V neck… everything exists.

If you want, you can wear shapewear to achieve your ideal silhouette. You can find very beautiful ones, particularly in rero underwear brands such as What Katie Did.
I strongly recommand this brand, even if you are not a retro girl, they are awesome ! They have a lot of choice in shapewear and classic elegant items, and their quality is awesome. I am their loyal customer since over 10 years and I have never been disappointed. I even still have the items I got in my first order !
And interesting little bonus : Men love it !

5. Avoid vulgar lingerie

Stay away from super padded bras such as Wonderbra.
All round breasts are not natural, as well as compressed breasts that are almost touching your neck. It’s more vulgar than anything else… And we will also all agree that these push up bras are not only ugly but uncomfortable.

Always remember that a natural look is more elegant than round balls (and the worst is when they stay in the bra once removed…). Vulgarity is not elegant.

The concept of elegance is to enhance your natural beauty. So even if you have small breasts, and maybe are embarrassed of them, I can assure you that you don’t need these cushions.

When I was younger, I was into thick padding and push up stuff that said « you can gain 1 cup size ». And one day I found a bra that I found so beautiful but was not padded. I tried it on, and I liked it, I thought I was more beautiful like that. Goodbye padding.

Enhancing your natural beauty is more efficient for your self confidence because it’s made with something that is real. A cheating trick is not real, it’s just cheating. Always remember this.

Another item that I do not recommand at all : Thongs.
Because they are not discreet, we spot them from miles away under tight clothes.

From a personal point of view I would even say stay away from thongs in general. They are not flattering, uncomfortable and not discreet. To me this item has no positive sides.

Now you will ask how to avoid panty lines when wearing tight clothes ? Easy : High waisted, very covering knickers.

To buy quality underwear, prefer shops and brands that are specialized in lingerie.
Avoid sex shops, you won’t find anything good there.

6. Elegant at the beach

Elegance also works on the beach. Get a swimsuit that fits your body shape, and choose a simple design. Because this neon pin mini tiny bikini that is principally made of thin threads is not elegant.
Don’t know what kind of design you want ? Go for the timeless black one. A classic that is always appreciated.

7. Take good care of your clothes

Always iron your clothes.
There was a time where I never had to iron my clothes. Because most of them were 100 % polyester, the « silk chiffon » type of fabric, that absolutely never wrinkles. This is why I never learned to iron back then. Then you grow up and your style changes, and it’s time to learn ironing clothes. It is very easy and you can learn it quickly, particularly if you want to look elegant.

Use a brush to avoid fuzz on your winter clothes. For this I would recommend you to buy a velvet brush instead of the sticky ones, it’s more ecologic and also cheaper as there is no throw away part.

Be careful about how you wash your clothes. Even if quality clothing is more resistant and made to last, you still have to wash them with care. Use the wool and hand programs of your machine. And be careful with the colors, particularly when it comes to red as it can bleed on lighter colors. Even if you use wipes that prevent discoloration accidents, don’t wash red and white together. A discolored item is just good for the trash.

Tip : Don’t spend your money at dry cleaners. I’m sure you won’t believe me at all if I say that neither me or my husband (who is wearing suits most of the time) take our clothes to the dry cleaners ?
First of all, it is bad for the environment, also for your health, and it’s super expensive.
Read this Wikipédia, to see what « dry cleaning » really is… A machine wash with solvents instead of water.

You can wash your clothes yourself without any problem.
All of the clothes that I sell in my vintage shop are machine washed by myself. If they come out damaged, the quality wasn’t good enough to be sold. And let me tell you that it never happened. The wool / handwash program is your best friend.

8. Elegance is timeless

Always remember : The most elegant items are timeless. I hope you have one (or 10) little black dresses in your wardrobe.

Have a wide selection of basic, timeless items in neutral colors that will be easy to coordinate. Black, white, beige tones…. It will be very useful when you will fall in love with a floral shirt from the 70s. It will look great with a black pencil skirt.

Don’t be a fashion victim. Don’t jump on every trend you will see everywhere for a few weeks and then will vanish as quickly as they appeard. Trends hardly ever become timeless… Just think about the 80s looks that are « so 80s ».

9. Wear clothes that suit your body type and your age

Choose clothes that flatter your body shape. Looking like a potato sack or a barrel is not elegant.

Tip : « Magical » belt : The belt is an essential accessory to me. It is always useful to enhance your waist in every circumstance. Sometimes it can transform a potato sack into a pin up dress, it’s as simple as that. A narrow waistline is elegant and feminine.

Stay away from mini skirts if you are over 20. A skirt that is too short will make you look like a teenager or just vulgar.

Don’t try to make yourself look older if you think you look too young, it doesn’t work. The other way round doesn’t work either.

I know a lot about this believe me…. « Dressing like a child » is not elegant. You don’t want to get noticed negatively like this.

10. Be yourself and create your own style

Avoid mainstream large retailers, it’s better to go to smaller shops and independent businesses. Clothes will be a bit more expensive of course, but quality has a price, and you won’t have the same item than millions of people. And also you will help an actual person to live. You will not feed billionnaire companies that produce clothes massively in poor countries. You will be more elegant if you own unique and different items.

11. Make simple outfits

One of the keys of elegance is simpliticy. Don’t make overloaded outfits with too much or too eye catching accessories.

Try not to have more than 3 colors per outfit. It is a very old rule I hear since forever, but I can assure you that it’s true. If you have more than 3 colors your outfit can quickly become too much and confusing for the people who look at you.

If you are wearing one printed item, keep the other items of your outfit plain.

A good tip for an elegant outfit without too much effort : Monochrome outfits. It doesn’t necessarily means black, you can do it with any color. But maybe avoid neon colors though.

12. Invest in good shoes

It is very important to invest in quality shoes.
I wonder ho many time I used the word quality in this post.
They will be comfortable and you will keep them for a long while.
Also you don’t need 150 pairs of shoes.
It’s the same as for clothes, prefer quality to quantity. It’s better to have only 5 pairs of shoes, for every season and every outfit, than 150 cheap ones that are uncomfortable and useless.

Don’t forget that good quality shoes are better for your health. It avoids foot deformation and back problems.

Stay away from too high heels, particularly if you are over 25. You will look vulgar, and it’s even worse if you cannot walk in them.

Flats are not the best either. A minimal heel will make you look more elegant, and it’s also better for your health than too flat shoes.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot : Trainers are for sports. Tracksuits too.

13. Use versatile and timeless accessories

Do I have to precise that they have to be good quality ?
A few versatile handbags and jewelry that match most of your outfits are your best friends.

My all time favorite ? The beaded necklace ! It adds an elegant touch to every outfit.

14. Never neglect details

The smallest detail is important in an elegant outfit.

Never wear ripped stockings or thights thinking nobody will notice.

Tip : I strongly recommend to wear stockings instead of thights. It is more elegant and feminine, but it is also more economic !
Always buy several same pairs of stockings. If one gets damaged, you will throw away only this one, so your stockings will have a longer life. If you wear thights, you will have to throw them away even if it’s only one leg which is damaged.
You can choose from classic stockings or stay up stockings.
If you buy classic stockings, invest in good suspender belts, like What Katie Did, which will hold any stockings even thick winter ones.
If you are afraid to damage a stocking during the day, take a spare one in your handbag.

Details such as damaged nail polish or damaged nails are also very noticeable. Once someone notice it, they « can’t unsee ».
You don’t need to go to beauty salons. Personnally I never went to a beauty salon and don’t want to.
You can do your nails yourself, just buy good quality nail polish. Choose colors that match your outfits or your favorite lipstick. Or you can leave your nails natural.

Avoid too long nails or weird nail art designs. It also works for your toenails.

I storngly advise to choose neutral colors.

15. Style your hair

Style your hair, always. You don’t need to make super elaborate style, but a minimum, so you don’t look like you just came out of bed. And always have clean hair.

If you choose to color your hair, prefer colors that naturally exist. Avoid pink, green, blue or anything unnatural.

From a more personal level, I am even against coloring hair, because I’m sure that your real color is the one that looks the best.
Your hair will thank you.
Never forget that beautiful hair is more elegant than having damaged straw on your head.

16. Know how to do your make up

Your worst ennemy is vulgarity. So stay away from too heavy, too shiny and neon colored make up.
Elegance is enhancing your natural beauty, it’s not about wearing a mask to hide the imperfections lobbies of the beauty industry say you have.
It’s exactly like clothes. Wear something that is flattering.

If I could gave only one piece of advice about make up, it would be « The less, the better ».
Keep it minimal.
Prefer neutral tones like beiges and choose a lipstick shade that is looking good with your skintone. Bright red might not be the best idea even if it’s fashionable.

I don’t recommend techniques such as layering (very popular in asia) or contouring.
It is not putting a lot of beauty products on your face that will make you beautiful. Try to stay as natural as possible and don’t use too many different skincare or make up products.

Use high quality products. Personnally I strongly recommend Besame Cosmetics. I really love these products this is why I chose to take part of their affiliation program.
Like the What Katie Did lingerie, these make up products have a retro design, but everyone can use them.

What I particularly like with this brand is that their range is composed of everything you need, but nothing unnecessary. Eyeshadow (you don’t need too many palettes), lipstick, mascara (that can also be used as eyeliner and eyebrow make up), and brushes for every use.

A classic and natural look is the best. And it’s easy, you can do it in 5 minutes, even if you decide to add small fake lashes to enhance your eyes.

Anyway, for any make up products, I recommend to buy make up brands. What I mean by that is brands that make only make up, like Shiseido for example. Luxury fashion brands such as Dior or Chanel are not necessarily the best just because they are expensive. You pay a lot for the brand.

17. Elegance is an attitude

To finish, don’t forget that elegance is not only a look, but also an attitude.

Always have a good posture and look confident. Walking like a truck driver or acting like a scared  little girl is not elegant.
By the way you will see that if you give an impression of self confidence, catcalling will drastically decrease or even disappear. Guys that harrass women in the street are not interested in confident and strong looking women.

Last point, very important : Don’t give a negative image of yourself.
I explain.

An elegant woman will be noticed. But she will never be noticed because of negative behaviour !
Never talk too loud, yell on the phone, be vulgar in your way of talking or creating scandals in public.
An elegant person is someone who is well educated.

If you are not like this and would like to improve your attitude, you will have to work on yourself a lot. Don’t expect immediate results.

Avoid any form of vulgarity in your behaviour.This will help you to avoid embarrassing situations also for your relatives.

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.

Audrey Hepburn.

(⑅˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ )

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