Inspiration : Film Noir Femme Fatale

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Hello everyone !

Today I just wanted to talk about one of my aesthetic inspirations : the « Film Noir Femme Fatale » style.

Film noir is a type of melodramatic movies, principally from the 40s and 50s.
There is still some debate about the real definition of Film Noir today, but in short it’s a kind of thriller, a bit like american gangster movies from the 30s.

The stereotypical scenario of these movies are most of the time a detective, hired for an investigation, who will meet one of the « femme fatales », who is going to manipulate him to achieve her own ends.

Let’s say that it’s not the kind of movie that has a happy ending.

Film noir has a very characteristic visual identity. Very dark, in black and white, with a particular lighting that leaves a lot of things in the dark.

What do I love ?

The glamorous image of the femme fatale.
Actually I discovered Film noir thanks to their aesthetics.
As my main inspirations for my looks are old pictures, because I want to look as authentic as possible, I saw a lot of these photos and I always loved them.

Then I got interested in some movies.

From a simply aesthetic point of view, these images express glamour and elegance to me, but also strong women, that are able to play their charm.

Here are a few examples of my inspirations :


So of course I wanted to make some pictures inspired by this imagery.

There is the outfit, make up and hair, but to me everything is in the lighting.

This kind of lighting is also the one that you can see in the photos of the famous Studio Harcourt, which I really love.

I already made a try in the past, but with another clothing style.

This is what came out !

I worked on these pictures with Julien Chantôme and I have to say that I really love how they came out.

Like I said before, everything is in the lighting.
There is no photoshop. This result can be obtained by using flash lights placed in a clever way.


Want the Femme Fatale look ?

On this pic I’m wearing the Jacqueline glass beads necklace available on my online shop, and a wonderful Lillian dress from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

Make up with Besame Cosmetics and The Balm, because it’s always great to enhance your face, even in black and white !

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