My makeup’s best friends : Fake lashes

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Hello Everyone !

It often happens that people ask me which mascara I use.
I can tell you that my mascara of the moment is Cake Mascara by Besame Cosmetics.

But this is not the secret of my lash-look you can see on my photos since years.
No mascara will have this result if you don’t naturally have long lashes.
Which is absolutely not my case as I have very thin and almost inexistant lashes.
If you have natural long lashes you are very lucky. But for the others, like me, there is still hope ! You don’t need to be jealous of your husband, male friends or Daniel Radcliffe (I often see men with super long beautiful lashes…) because there is a simple solution.

Le secret d'un regard captivant. Les faux cils sur le blog de Bonbon Maléfique.

How do I to this ?

I simply use fake lashes.
I started to use them in Lolita because they are very popular among people in this fashion.

As the legend says, they are very complicated to put on and they don’t stay in place, they are also old fashioned and uncool like the old make up from the 70s (blue eyeshadow and fake lashes combo, the thing you used to achieve when you were 8 and stole your mom’s make up bag), it’s expensive, and more…

Le secret d'un regard captivant. Les faux cils sur le blog de Bonbon Maléfique.


It’s complicated to put on and doesn’t stay in place…

It’s like eyeliner, it’s « hard to put on ». But it’s like any make up in fact.
All you need is training.
First time I tried to put fake lashes on I took 10 minutes for one, now I take less than 30 seconds for both.

There are a lot of different techniques, as you can see on Youtube with the numerous tutorials you can find.

I have to admit that I tried almost everyting, at least at the beginning. Tweezers, and even special fake lashes application tweezers. By the way I don’t recommend them at all, because it’s the best way to fail and stick the lashes at the wrong place and also ruin your make up.
Now I simply put them on with my fingers, starting by the outside.

I also have two little secrets to reveal about my look :

+ I don’t use the whole fake lash strand. I cut off a part of it to make it shorter, and most of the time I only use half of it, so that makes me use only one strand for both eyes. (This tip works only if your strand is cut straight) and stick it on the outside corner of my eye, this is what gives the layered look that I love.
+ I don’t stick the fake lash close to my natural lash roots, but slightly above it.  It might sound weird to you, but it’s not.
I got this tip from Japanese Visual Kei transformist singer Kaya. It is a great method to make your eyes look larger.
So I stick my fake lashes on the top of my eyeliner line.

Le secret d'un regard captivant. Les faux cils sur le blog de Bonbon Maléfique.

There is also a big advantage to this method, it’s that you don’t take the rist of ripping off one of your real lashes.
I know the idea is horrible. Of course there are a lot of methods to remove fake lashes using make up remover and stuff, but let’s admit it, we all do the same as Madam Medusa from Bernard & Bianca.

Le secret d'un regard captivant. Les faux cils sur le blog de Bonbon Maléfique.

Then, for those who say that fake lashes always fall off, the key is in the glue.
It took me a while to find the perfect glue. I tried a dozen of them, including the famous Make Up Forever one wich was a total disappointment.
It also depends of which kind of fake lashes you want to use.
In Lolita I used to have massive, very artificial looking outstanding ones, like the ones used by Kaya for example.
This kind of lashes is kinda « heavy » and rigid, so they need a very strong glue to stay in place all day long.

Another tip for those who want to use these thick lashes : Before putting them on, roll them around a pencil or brush to make them « round », so they will be less rigid and less likely to pop off on the sides.
Now I use more natural looking lashes. They might stick with another glue, but I prefer to keep the one I use for years and which is the best according to me :  Eye Cream Marie Beauty.

I simply buy it on Ebay, it’s unexpensive and really great.
Now I almost forget that I’m wearing fake lashes as I don’t feel them and they don’t move.
By the way I wear them more often than before.

Les faux cils, le secret d'un regard captivant. Le blog de Bonbon Maléfique.

Sometimes you get glue with the lashes, but it’s very often low quality glue, and when you see the packaging, you don’t even want to touch it.
I did not try myself, but some of my friends did. No allergies or such catastrophies, but overall low quality, glue did not stick even after waiting for it to dry after a few minutes.

It’s old fashioned and expensive…

Of course false lashes can look uncool, if your makeup is badly made. If you want to look like Madam Medusa…
It’s not because they are less popular in mainstream fashion that they are uncool.
As long as you like them, you don’t need to please everyone.

Now let’s talk about the cost. What is expensive, is lash extensions you can get in beauty salons, but it’s different.

Standard false lakes are very cheap on Ebay or Aliexpress. You can get dozens of pairs for a few cents.
You will find all possible styles, so you will find what you look for.

You can also find some in your local cosmetic stores, but they will be way more expensive for similar quality.

Also don’t forget that they can be reused… a lot…
Just clean them with makeup remover.
Even if they are cheap, it’s better not to throw them out after one day.
I often use the same ones for months, and I only throw them away when they start to be damaged.
que vous pouvez les réutiliser un très grand nombre de fois en les nettoyant avec du démaquillant. Même s’ils ne sont pas chers, c’est toujours mieux de ne pas les jeter au bout d’une journée. J’utilise les mêmes parfois plusieurs mois, et je les jette seulement quand ils commencent à s’abîmer.

False lashes : Do you adopt them ?

I leave you with the details of today’s outfit :

+ Dress and gloves : Vintage
+ Make up with Besame Cosmetics and Clé de Peau
+ Ring : Fables by Marti Heil

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