Miss Pin Up France 2019 : I’m the Judges Favorite !

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Hello folks !

Remember when I have been elected Miss Pin Up Grand Est First Runner Up on June 24th ?
It was my first Pin Up contest and I was very happy to win this prize (*^▽^*)

Because even when you are just a runner up, you can still participate in the national competition !

First runner ups can become Judges favorite, and second runner ups can become Comittee favorite.

So I entered the contest on october 27 at the Palais du Gouvernement in Nancy. It’s great because it’s not far away from home  (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪

I met a lot of wonderful people, and I was very happy to see all my pin up friends from all over the country.  (⌒▽⌒ゞ


The great runner up team  °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Thank you to Natti, who was here to help us with the scenic preparation. A wonderful woman.

Also thank you again to Jessy Caramels, because I would not be in my position today without her. She is a bit like our pin up mother.

I had a very pleasant day even if it was also very stressful, and even more just before the announcement of the winners.

As the Judges Favorite is a national title which is very difficult to obtain as there is only one winner, I have to admit that when I had to come on the stage for the result announcement my legs were shaking.

Then when the announcement came, I really thought I wasn’t hearing well or that I dreamt it. It was so impossible to me, but it was my name ( 〇□〇)

A huge thank you to all the judges :  Mademoiselle Gisèle, Angélique Dériot, Magali Dirand and Coco Das Vegas !

The Comittee’s favorite came to my friend Isabelle from Rhône Alpes, who I met the first time during our pop up store in Romans sur Isère.  So happy for her !

Miss Pin Up France 2019 is Anne So, Miss Pin Up Nouvelle Aquitaine

1st Runner Up Jessi Glambird of Bretagne, who I met this summer at American Tours

2nd runner up Miss Pin Up Grand Est Valérie !

This election was a big victory for the Grand Est region, as we won two sashes. (^▽^)o
Team Bretzel Power !

Thank you to the sponsors for the gifts. Now I have a nice collection of Yves Rocher moisturizing creams that have super sweet scents.  (*^v^*)

Thank you to Julien, the best husband ever, who was always there for me even when the dances were making me totally mad (♥ω♥ ) ~♪ And who is always next to me in every circumstances, and who made these beautiful pictures inspired by the posters of The Crown TV show ╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯♡

Dress She’s Dynamite
Jewelry Fables by Marti Heil

Thank you to the Miss Pin-Up France comittee, to the volunteers, organizers and photographers for this emotionally rich weekend. I guess we all needed a bit of rest after that. I glued fake lashes on a base ball ball…

See you later for another post in which I will give you more details about the outfits I was wearing for the contest.

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