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Hello everyone !

I think that it is now time to talk about the outfits I was wearing during the Miss Pin Up Grand Est election weekend.

I had 5 outfits. Two for the first day, where we held two fashion shows, and three for the contest on the second day.

For the first day, I decided to wear my two favorite dresses of the moment.

I really love to wear this dark blue beauty I got from Miss Candyfloss.
It has a matching belt but this time I decided to replace it with a red leather belt I bought in London, at the  Revival Retro Boutique. I love it because it looks so good with so many dresses, and the best part is that it matched my red vintage sandals I found in a thrift store in New York.

About the jewelry I’m wearing : My earrings are from my shop. I’m also wearing a vintage real pearls necklace I got when I was a little girl during a vacation in Mallorca. And of course, one of my favorite rings made by the fabulous Marti from Fables.

I kept the same jewelry and shoes for the second outfit. This time I’m wearing a dress from The Pretty Dress Company bought in a small shop in Camden Town, one of my favorite places in London.

Unfortunately I found the shop totally randomly, and I could not tell you the name. I have to find it again !
I was very happy to find this dress, because I was looking at the brand’s site for a while but I never dared to order as I didn’t found enough reviews.
I don’t know many people wearing this brand, and even when I find reviews, I don’t know if the person writing it has the same standards as I have.

This is why I wanted to see the dresses in person to judge. And at this moment, I fell in love with this design ! I love this dress and I’m wearing it like… all the time. It was a great purchase and I will definitely buy from this brand again !

Now let’s talk about the contest. For my 3 outfits I decided to go for my favorite style, the British style. So my outfits have been inspired by her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II, but also James Bond movies.
Of course all my dresses are made in the UK !

For my first outfit, I chose a dress I own since a long while, from London brand Vivien Of Holloway.

I made my jewelry set, which included earrings, bracelets and necklace, everything in glass beads. To this I added my diamond ring from Fables.

The basket bag is vintage and I got it in Auxerre last year. Shoes are one of my favorite pair from US brand Royal Vintage Shoes.

For my second outfit, for my singing performance I chose a femme fatale James Bond inspired outfit, but always with the vintage touch.

I bought this hat from a craftsperson on the internet.
My necklace and earrings are made by myself. Always wearing my Fables ring.

The dress is from Top Vintage, from the Vintage Diva brand. I own it since a while, it is simple, versatile and elegant.

The jacket is from a Vivienne Westwood vintage suit that I bought during one of my trips in Japan in 2013. I also own the skirt.

I’m also wearing What Katie Did stockings. I chose the claret seam color to match my hat and I hoped the judges would notice it  ( ◞・౪・)

Shoes are my good ole pair of Clarks that I’m wearing since years, and they are the most comfortable shoes ever.

For my last outfit of the contest, I got a dress I wanted since a while. Entirely handmade by british seamstress She’s Dynamite.
For this evening outfit, I needed a summer dress. And I wanted something exceptional as it’s an evening dress, but not too outstanding. Something that is like me, because I don’t like to be « too much ».

By the way it made me slightly think of this dress of Queen Elizabeth II which I love. I guess I love « flower » styled dresses.

I’m wearing a customized hat, to which I added the pearl brooch my grandma gave me.

Gloves are vintage, ad so is my mechanic watch from the 1940s. My shoes are from Miss L Fire. I wear these a lot lately.

My bracelets are made of hematit and are from my shop always wearing the Fables diamond ring, and a silver beads also from her.

For this contest I chose a lot of clothes that I’m often wearing, because they are my favorite and it was important to me to show who I truly am. I did the same for my wedding, for which I wore a dress I owned snce years and which was very simple.

I only have one regret about the outfits for the contest. It is the outfit I wore for my show.

At the beginning I was supposed to wear lingerie and a dressing gown (everything from What Katie Did), but I changed it due to the event rules (they said it was a family friendly event) .
It’s too bad because I wanted to show the judges my passion for retro lingerie that I’m wearing daily since over 10 years.
I was disappointed because the day of the contest I learned that in fact I would have been allowed to do it because it was okay with the rules. But I did not have the dressing gown with me.

This is how it would have looked  ( ◞・౪・)

Anyway I had a lot of fun and I’m impatient to see what’s next in october.

Photos :

All my make up is made with Besame Cosmetics

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