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Hello everyone !

As I’m talking about beauty products, after lipsticks there is something else I wanted to talk about since a long while. Because it’s the story of my life, and I think that a lot of people will be concerned about this : The difficulty of finding foundation when you have very light skin.

You have to search a lot to finally find the right shade, and of course most of the time we leave the store without buying anything. And then you also have to avoid the saleswoman who tries to sell you a darker shade « because you look sick, you should buy something that makes you look healthy ! ». Seems like people try to make us think that we all look like Voldemort.

No ! Maybe I just want to enhance my fair skin, and don’t want to look like the Annoying Orange ? Because most of the time even the lightest shade makes me look orange.

Story of my life…

Then, I finally managed to find the right products ! And there is one that I use since almost 10 years, so let’s start with this one.

It is a small red tube of a Korean brand, that you can find on Yesstyle for about 14 € : Perfect Cover BBCream by Missha, 21 shade.

This is not a foundation, but a BBCream.
If you do not know this wonderful invention, it is a tinted moisturizer, which also works as sunblock, and like the name « Blemish Balm » says, corrects blemishes. This product also has anti wrinkle and anti dark spots properties.
This product is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones, and is used as a make up base. It is not necessary to use a moisturizer before.

Personnally I use it without applying moisturizer (even if I have a very dry skin, but the BBcream is enough) and I add powder afterwards.

As it is not a foundation, there is less coverage, but there is a huge advantage, it’s that it looks more natural, unless some foundations that give a « mask » effect. And it’s even worse of course if your shade is too dark and that there is a difference between your face and neck. Whatever…

I chose the 21 shade. Back when I first bought this product, there were only two shades available : 21 and 23, so I chose the lightest one. Since a few years there is also a 13 shade, I tried it once, but I didn’t see much difference with the 21 shade. Another huge advantage of BBcream, is that it « blends » into your skin color, but I would still advise to stay away from too dark shades.

Like I said before, I use this product daily since a very long time and I really really love it. I recommended it to a lot of people among my acquintances, and a lot of them adopted it. For me it’s definitely a must have product, plus it is quite cheap. I use one tube a year usually, with almost daily use (I use another product from time to time).

Let’s talk about powder now.  I use a lot of different powders, but all of them are « translucent », again because of the too dark shades. Well, finding the right powder shade is also the same problem as finding foundation.

The powder I currently use is the Shiseido translucent compact powder. I stocked up when I went to Japan, but you can also find it at Sephora for about 40 €.

It is a product I really love, and a very small quantity is sufficient to matify and illuminate your skin.
For the people who tend to have an oily skin, this powder has a sebum absorbing property, but I’m not sure about the efficiency. All I can say is that it doesn’t dry the skin out. It is a bit expensive but it is totally worth the investment.

no « mask » effect

Then, for the days when I don’t use my BBcream, I use an Urban Decay  All Nighter long lasting liquid foundation, that you will be able to order on their official website, or at Sephora stores for about 36 €.
I mainly use it when I make photos or videos. Because actually I have a few scars in my face due to adult chickenpox, and this product has an awesome coverage and is also lightweight (no « mask effect ») and you need only a drop. It is very comfortable to wear and doesn’t smudge.

I have to say that this is actually my first foundation. I bought it last year, but before this I never found a shade that was light enough, so I used only BBcream and / or Powder (I used to use powder only before I discovered BBcream).

I chose the 0.5 shade, the lightest of the line. There are a lot of different shades.
First I was a bit afraid to buy it, because I had read some reviews that said that it was oxydazing during the day and became darker (which would have been an absolute nightmare for me).
But as it was the only product line that made this shade, I still tried it, and I’m very happy to say that it did not darken during the day. Maybe on some people, but not on me, maybe it depends of skin type. You should always try to be sure, because personnally I’m super satisfied of it, even if I don’t use it on a daily basis.

And a little bonus to finish this post ! My moisturizer of the moment ! I change very often, but I use this adorable Panda from Tony Moly, that you can find on Yesstyle for less than 10 €. I had discovered this brand randomly on Yesstyle years ago, and I bought a lot of different products from them, which were all great quality.
Tony Moly recently arrived to France at Sephora stores, with the « Kpop » trend. Now Asian cosmetics are gaining popularity here, meanwhile a few years ago people were sort of afraid of them, saying they were « dangerous ».

It is very smooth and has a nice texture, plus it smells good and provides amazing hydratation.

I use this cream in the evening before going to bed after removing my make up. It is very smooth and has a nice texture, plus it smells good and provides amazing hydratation. It contains a soothing bamboo extract. It became one of my favorite moisturizers, and I hope that it will still be available for a long time, because sadly if I have to change that often, it’s because many brands discontinue their products to replace them, and I have to look for new stuff all the time.
Tony Moly packagings are funny, the products are awesome quality, prices are more than affordable, what more could anyone ask for ?

See you soon for more fashion and beauty posts ! Let’s take a look to my outfit and make up of the day !

+ Dress by Collectif Clothing
+ Make up made with : Urban Decay foundation and eyeshadow, Cream Rouge by Besame Cosmetics, Eyeliner by Clé de Peau
+ Earrings Thérèse by Bonbon Maléfique

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