My makeup’s best friends : Lipsticks

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Hello everybody !

In my previous article about recycling a Lolita dress, I said that I was going to talk about my favorite lipsticks.

I know how difficult it is to find the perfect shade, so I wanted to share my favorite lip products with you !

A long time ago I used to have a lot of different colors, particularly very dark ones like dark purple or dark wine red. But with the evolution of my clothing and make up style, I stuck to two shades, red and pink. And particularly shades that look good on me. Because now that I’m looking back, I used to use a lot of shades that looked bad on me. I have a very fair skin, so wearing purple on my lips tended to make me look sick, and too dark shades made my lips look thin.

Anyway let’s talk about my favorite shades. For daily wear, I really like pink shades, which are not necessarily reserved to our 1990s Barbie doll.

I have two favorites when it comes to pink. First one is a lipstick I bought during my second trip to Japan, by luxury brand Clé de Peau, it’s a bit of a dusty pink shade.

Clé de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick Satin 109.


It is really perfect for daily wear. It is long lasting and very comfortable, it doesn’t dry your lips out.

One really good point is that it’s refillable. When you buy your first one, don’t forget to buy the case, then the tube is clipped in the case, and you can change it when it’s empty or if you want to use another shade. I love this system, which is quite popular among Japanese brands, also for blushes and eyeshadows, because it avoids to throw too much stuff away. It’s economic (as buying only the refill is cheaper) and ecologic.

Being a luxury brand, Clé de Peau (it’s the highest brand of the Shiseido group) is quite expensive, so this product doesn’t suit all the budgets. One refill + case is about 6000 yen (55 €).
But it’s really worth the investment if you can get one, I strongly recommend it.

How to get one ?
Sadly I don’t know any retailer of Clé de Peau in Europe. To get one you can take advantage of a trip to Japan, or using a Shopping Service such as FROM JAPAN to order the product from a Japanese online shop.

Let’s stay in the Shiseido group, but this time with something more affordable, the Shiseido Shimmering Rouge, in RD 601 shade. You can get it from Sephora for about 27 €.


I use this one since several years. I got several shades, but the RD601 is my favorite one. It’s quite dark, but not too dark. It’s comfortable to wear and a bit glittery.
It’s quite long lasting, but it tends to stain cups and glasses a lot.

The two last products are from American brand Besame Cosmetics. I had heard about this brand a while ago, and I recently bought some of their products. For those who are concerned about ethics, this brand doesn’t test on animals, and use natural ingredients, all this for very affordable prices (a bit over $20 for a lipstick). It is a brand that reproduces cosmetics, but with modern ingredients.

To me this brand is a must for pin ups and any vintage fan ! Packagings are also marvellous !

The first one is not a lipstick, but a cream rouge that can be used for both lips and cheeks. I’m sure you have already seen cosmetics like this in movies. By the way I also use it on my cheeks, in a very small amount.
What I really like in using it for lips, it’s that it has a very natural appearence, which is great for daily wear. It also smells like cherries. (*^v^*)


It doesn’t stay in place as long as a lipstick, but I love it.

To me this brand is a must for pin ups and any vintage fan !

Second one is the « Wild Orchid » shade, replica of a fashionable shade from 1952. It’s a bright pink with a hint of purple. It’s very pigmented and it’s the most long lasting lipstick I ever had. Plus it doesn’t stains at all. It is definitely my favorite lipstick of the moment. I really love Besame Cosmetics, I own several of their products, and I will talk about them in future posts.


How to get Besame Cosmetics ?

Take advantage of a trip to the USA, where you will be able to buy some at Sephora, or in their shop in California, or you can order from their official site by using a shopping service like MyUs.
They also have two international online retailers, and CultBeauty.Co.Uk. Sadly they don’t carry the full product range, and I didn’t tried to order from them so I don’t know about them.
I would recommend to use the shopping service, so you have access to everything, plus delivery is super fast if you don’t have any preorder products in your purchases.

To conclude, even if the emblematic color of the pin ups lips si red, I really love pink shades, which look great on brunettes by the way !

Last thing, my outfit of the day :


+ A wonderful « Seaside » dress from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury
+ A nice ivory Collectif Clothing cardigan
+ A silver « Diamond » ring by Fables by Marti Heil
+ Blue seamed stockings by What Katie Did
Grunge Boutik leather shoes
+ Earrings and necklace from Bonbon Maléfique

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