Outfit of the day in beige and brown tones

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Hello everyone !

I just came back from Japan Expo a few days ago. It’s the annual rendez vous of all geek pop culture and anime fans. It’s  a great occasion for me to see people I don’t often see or people from Facebook.


Today I wanted to show you one of my recent outfits, all in beige and brown tones.

Tenue couleur café de chez Vivien of Holloway par Bonbon Maléfique

I have talked several times on this blog about the british retro clothing brand Vivien of Holloway, this made in London clothing shop which I discovered on Instagram and I fell in love with.
I will visit their physical store for sure during my next London trip.

Usually I always use black accessories in my outfit, particularly shoes and bags.
This time I tried not to add any black accessories (even if the skirt has black in it), just for fun.
So it was a great occasion to wear my Royal Vintage Dolores slingback shoes, which are brown and absolutely marvellous.

Chaussures de chez Royal Vintage et Top Vivien of Holloway par Bonbon Maléfique.

I fell in love with this beautiful Mochaccino skirt from Vivien of Holloway.
It is a very beautiful high waisted cotton skirt with a black print with hints of yellow.
I coordinated it with a gypsy top from the same brand. It is the lace antique model.
At the beginning I was expecting a top covered in a layer of lace, but in fact, it is a very beautiful detailed faux lace effect embroidered fabric. I really love it !

I added a beige belt I bought on Ebay.
I love this kind of belts. I own several in several colors, and I think that they look good in retro outfits.

Of course I wore my Royal Vintage Dolores slingback shoes I mentionned before. They are very beautiful 1940s repros. They can be worn with or without stockings.

As I did not wanted to add black, I chose to use my vintage basket bag. Plus I think it looks better with this outfit than a black one.

For jewelry, I mixed classic and more daring pieces.
I chose my favorite necklace, the Jacqueline single strand, and my newest collection Eve lemon earrings, to recall the yellow hints of the skirt.

To this I added the Penny Dreadful Mirror ring from Fables by Marti Heil.

I’m a huge fan of dresses, but there is a big advantage with the top/skirt combos : You can make very different outfits with one skirt by just changing the top and belt.

Here I chose the beige top, but the skirt also looks wonderful with a yellow or black top.
The gypsy top also gives a decontracted look, but another blouse and a jacket gives a different feeling.
Same goes for the shoes, they are very versatile.

Tenue composée de pièces Vivien of Holloway et de bijoux Bonbon Maléfique.

Here are the details of the outfit :

+ Top : Vivien of Holloway
+ Skirt : Vivien of Holloway
+ Bag : Vintage
+ Belt : Ebay
+ Make up with Shiseido and Besame Cosmetics
+ Shoes : Royal Vintage,
+ Necklace and earrings : Bonbon Maléfique
+ Ring : Fables by Marti Heil
+ Glasses : Acuitis

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