Secret London : Dennis Severs’ House

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Hello folks !

When you love to travel and regularly go back to cities you love, you also love to discover new things.

I go to London quite regularly since over 15 years, thus Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the British Museum among others are part of the landscape and are not that exceptionnal to me anymore.

I love London and it’s always a pleasure to go there !

During our latest visit in june we have made a rather interesting discovery : Dennis Severs’ House.

It is a museum, but nothing like the usual ones. It is more like you enter a painting.

This is the front door. It is located at 18 Folgate Street, in the district of Spitalfields. We went there after visiting the Old Spitalfields Market. The house is also close to Brick Lane, well known for its vintage shops.

The front door is the only photo I took, because pictures are forbidden inside, and also you have to remain silent.

Now you are probably asking yourself what the hell is this place ?

It is a time capsule created in a 10 room house by artist Dennis Severs.

You will not see any explanation boards like in museums. You will just enter the life of the Jervis family, a family of silk-weavers, and you will be transported between 1724 and the beginning of the 20th century.

Photos : Official Dennis Severs’ House Instagram

I guess you always wondered how people in the 18th and 19th century were living ? Here you will have your answer.

Everything is made to give you the impression that the people living in the house just left the room before you entered it. You will see intimate sceneries of times that we tend to have fantasies about.

The owner of this house is definitely not Dorian Gray.

I strongly recommand the experience to anyone. You really feel like you are there, because there are also sounds and scents with the sceneries.
The feeling is very special, I could even not describe it because you have to live it. But at this moment you realize how easy your modern life is.

I would love to tell you a lot of things I saw there, but on another hand it would ruin the surprise. And like I said before, the most impressive thing is not what you see, but what you feel. It really is like you just enter the house of someone who forgot to close the door.

Definitely a must see for people who like history and antiques !

Look, listen, feel, but don’t say and don’t touch anything…

Want to go there?

How to get there, when and how much does it cost

The house is very easy to find. If you have a phone with a GPS, simply google Dennis Severs’ House. The closest underground is Liverpool Street.


The opening hours are very limited so I strongly advise you to take a look to their website, at least several days before you plan to go :

You can visit the house during the day or evening.

For the evening tours, you will have to book your visit, and the prices vary from £15 and £17.50 (for Christmas period, where there are special decorations )

Booking can easily be made online.

Tours are on mondays, wednesdays and fridays between 5pm and 8pm.

For the daytime tours, you can go there on sundays or mondays, and you don’t need to book.

On sundays, opening time is between Noon and 4pm, and on mondays it’s from noon to 2pm. Price is also lower, only £10.

We choose the sunday midday tour and we were just with another couple.


Bonus : You can rent the house if you want to make a photoshoot or a movie.

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