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Hello everyone !

I had very busy days lately, I was in paris with my husband, to go to Disneyland, because we never went there.

I know it will sound kinda strange to you, because we go to Paris quite often, but I have an excuse : We have Europa Park 30 minutes from our home.

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Anyway, to come back to Disneyland, I really enjoyed my day, and it’s true that you don’t go there for the same reasons as Europa Park.
Disney is more because it’s Disney, it’s magical, and Europa Park it’s for the crazy rides.
The Disney settings are really impressive and detailed. Our favorite ride was Pirates of the Carribean which was totally stunning.
Of course we also loved Phantom Manor, and for all the vintage fans like me, the Hollywood Tower Hotel is really beautiful. My back appreciated it less haha…  〈(゜。゜)

In Paris we also went to the Puces de Saint Ouen as usual, to find some new additions for my wardrobe.

And while we were in Paris, I told myself that it was the perfect occasion to take the pictures I wanted to do since a while for my blog.

I have several Japanese and American friends who always say that I « look so french » when they see me, because I’m always well dressed and chic.
Also I’m a huge elegant lingerie fan, and according to an American blog I have read, the french woman loves to wear elegant lingerie all the time.
They also say the french love « Love », which is totally true for me  (♥ω♥ ) ~♪
Another American blog said « French women love men a lot, particularly their lovers ». I liked the sentence.
The famous french romantism everyone dreams of.

Am I a walking stereotype ? Wait, no.

I don’t eat snails and frogs, I don’t like wine at all, never buy baguette. I just like cheese a lot.

So it was funny to make a stereotypical outfit. The beret-striped-top kind of outfit. So we decided to shoot this in our favorite Paris district, Montmartre.

I did not wanted to have the Eiffel Tower on the pictures. Also because there are so many tourists there all the time so it’s quite difficult to have nice pics, and also to prove that unlike what American movies show, people in Paris don’t see the Eiffel Tower from everywhere and from every window (≧∇≦)/

And you also don’t hear this particular music on repeat everywhere.

Let’s keep the glamorous side of the stereotype. Everyone says that the french are beautiful isn’t it ?

By the way I’m looking for a « marinière » since ages and can’t find anything nice. Tell me if you see one !

For the moment I had this pretty striped top from Vivien of Holloway, which I wear with a navy blue skirt from same brand.

It was unintentional at first, because the top looked a bit plain to me so I added a Seamstress of Bloomsbury red dog brooch, which was also matching my red nail polish. So we have a blue white red outfit.

I love this Vivien of Holloway skirt. It’s a classic versatile look. The only thing I’d have to say about it is that it is annoying to iron. It is a thick satin fabric.

It was funny how people reacted in the street when we were taking pictures, but I had a lot of fun, and I have to admit that I really love this outfit. I think it’s prettty. (ノ^∇^)

Also a little fun fact : It is the first time in my life that I’m wearing a beret.
I tried in the past with Lolita fashion but it did not suit me at all. I guess maybe because of my previous haircut.

Do I look french enough now ?  ~(˘▾˘)~

But the funniest part of the story is that all the clothes I’m wearing are made in the UK.  (≧∇≦)/

+ Skirt and top : Vivien of Holloway
+ Earrings : Bonbon Maléfique
+ Shoes : Royal Vintage
+ Bag : Top Vintage
+ Make up with Urban Decay and Besame Cosmetics
+ Stockings by What Katie Did

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