The importance of petticoats

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Hello everyone !

People ask me the same question quite often (and it was the same when I was into Lolita fashion) « What do you do to give this shape to your dress ? »
Wearing petticoats is not trendy anymore today. You will not find any in mainstream fashion stores, and « full skirts » are not fashionable anymore either, but we never know, maybe they will come back one day !

We often underestimate the importance of undergarments when throwing an outfit together

So people are not used to think about it, and some of them even don’t know that petticoats exist, others believe that their are built into dresses, or that they are only used with wedding dresses, and so that it is not something made for daily wear. Our grandmas would strongly disagree with this !

L'importance du Jupon. Image fantasmée, lingerie et robes retro.


Many people ask themselves why when they buy a dress, the dress has the wrong shape or why it looks ugly because it is all flat. It is because on the photo on the site or catalogue, the model was wearing a petticoat which has to be bought separately.
We often underestimate the importance of undergarments when throwing an outfit together, particularly for pin up style.
I will write posts about corsetry and shapewear later on the blog.
But keep in mind that undergarments are the base of an outfit, so don’t neglect them.

I have been into lolita fashion for quite a long while, so I learned a lot about petticoats thanks to that.

There are also crinolines, which are different from petticoats. They are made with metal or plastic circles and are therefore more rigid. Petticoats are fully soft.

To come back to our petticoats, here are a few important points to help you in your choice.

Materials : All the petticoats are not equal. Tulle ones will deflate quicker than chiffon or organza, particularly in winter when we are wearing heavy dresses and add a coat over them.

A good petticoat is around 60 € usually.

Then there is comfort. Low quality fabrics will be scratchy. And some are so scratchy  that they even scratch through stockings, and don’t talk about the moment when you are not wearing stockings and end up with scratched legs. It is not comfortable.

Like every piece of clothing or lingerie, quality of the fabric is very important. Avoid everything « cheap », particularly on the internet, where we cannot always trust photos either.
I have an useful tip learned during my time in Lolita fashion : If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. There are high chances that you will get a very bad quality product, if you get anything at all. A good petticoat is around 60 € usually.

Then, there is the shape. For circle dresses in vintage style, we use A line petticoats. This type of item is also used in some more mature Lolita styles such as EGL or Classic.
Unlike the cupcake shape which is very common in Lolita, the advantage of the A line, is that it is only poofy at the bottom, so it will deflate less quickly because you won’t sit on the poof. The lenght also makes that the poof is below your knees.

So to give a nice shape to your dresses, it is very important to invest in one or several good quality petticoats.
I usually have two. A black one for darker dresses and a white one for light colored dresses.
Of course you can have as many as you want and of all the colors. Most of the brands have a wide range of colors to adapt to all of your dresses.

The two petticoats I currently have are from the brand Banned, bought at Grunge Boutik.
Usually I mostly buy on the internet, but I needed one immediately, and as it was during winter sale period the price was more than affordable.

Shake the petticoat for maximum poof before wearing.

They are very comfortable to wear, the fabric is soft and doesn’t scratch, it’s chiffon. They are pretty lightweight, but they are resistant enough to support a heavy dress like my Grace by Vivien of Holloway.

Then, something very important, washing.
I’m used to wash all of my clothes by hand, but I tried to put these petticoats in the machine. I have put them in a bag, then on delicate cold program, everything went out well, they still have all their poof !
Tip : Shake the petticoat for maximum poof before wearing.
There are also hidden buttons in the elastic of the waist, which makes it adjustable. It’s very practical if your petticoat is too wide.

Here are a few links where you will be able to find similar petticoats :

House of Foxy (UK)
Collectif Clothing (UK)
Vivien of Holloway (UK)
British Retro (UK)
Grunge Boutik (France)

See you later in next posts, and I leave you with this famous representation of petticoats :

+ Dress by Collectif Clothing. I was hesitating to buy this dress, but finally bought it in sales, and I love it !
+ Lingerie and stockings by What Katie Did
+ Banned petticoat bought through Grunge Boutik
+ Shoes by Clarks
+ Vintage bag
+ Cameo ring by Fables by Marti Heil
+ Sunglasses by Acuitis
+ Make up with Urban Decay and Besame Cosmetics

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