The Miss Pin-Up Grand East 2018 adventure

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Hello everyone !

You might have noticed that I shared a little video on Facebook a few weeks ago :

It was a secret I wanted to keep until the official presentation of the contestants, but now I can reveal it : I have been selected with 14 other girls for the Miss Pin Up Grand Est contest.

What is Miss Pin Up ?

It’s a retro version of Miss France.  ( ◞・౪・)

It seems weird said like that, but this is it.
Like Miss France there are regional contests, and then the winners of regional contests will be selected for the national one, and the winner will be Miss Pin-Up France.

But the difference is that there is no height, weight or age restriction. You can even be married and have children.

And this is great  (*^▽^*).

The only « restriction » of course is that you have to have a retro fashion style and to live your passion on a daily basis.

Why do I take part ?

If there is one thing that I love to do, it’s to share my passion.

Being part of this contest is a way to share my love of retro, vintage things, and also my values.

Because to me being a « Pin Up » today is not only about looks.

Vintage fashion, not vintage values !  (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

How, when and where is it ?

The regional election for the Grand East region will take place June 24th 2018 at the Tommy’s Diner restaurant in Metz.

Located in the Waves shopping center, it is an american styled restaurant, where you can have hamburgers, hot dogs, phillys and more.

By the way I guess you already all know that I love hamburgers.

I will tell you more about the event later. I suggest you to join my Facebook page so you won’t miss anything ! You can also follow  Comité Miss Pin Up Grand Est.

To come back to the election, it will be in 3 parts. One « day fashion » show, then a talent show in which each contestant will have a 2 minute show, and then a « evening » fashion show.

Then the three winners will be chosen by the judges.

I’m impatient to be there.

It is something that is totally new for me.

Even if I am used to photos, videos, fashion shows and of course stage as a singer, it is the first time in my life that I take part of a beauty pageant.

I have to say that I ended up in there totally randomly. I met the Miss Pin Up France comitee at a vintage market in Châlon en Champagne. I talked a lot with Jessy, who is Miss Pin Up Grand Est 2017 and their director.
And then I decided to join the adventure.

So all I can say now is that I’m waiting for June 24th, where I will show you two retro outfits like I love them, and a surprise performance.

Will I be chosen for the next step ?

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