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Hello everyone !

As I talked about our virtual friend Crash Bandicoot in my previous post , I thought about our trip to Australia in 2014.

For those who didn’t knew it, the bandicoot (there are several species of them) is a marsupial living in Australia.

There are a lot of strange animals in Australia anyway. But sadly I haven’t seen one wearing sneakers and looking for crystals and gems.

Whatever. Back then on my old blog I had written a travel journal. My husband took a lot of pictures like we usually do during our trips, so why not showing you some of them and talk about this trip here. The pictures are really worth it.

Before being trapped on a 22 hour flight to Sydney, we spend a few days in London.

Bonbon Maléfique, le réçit d'un road trip en Australie. Un voyage extra ordinaire ! Etape Londonienne.

Some people asked me why I went to London, but the answer is quite simple : Flight tickets to Australia are way cheaper if you depart from London. We compared prices with Paris, Germany or Switzerland. (As we departed from Zurich for our 2 Japan trips)
It was a lot cheaper, even including traveling to London.
We took the Eurostar from Paris because of the big suitcases. A low-cost flight would have been to expensive.

Of course I did some shopping. I went to the What Katie Did London boutique, and also to the numerous vintage shops in Camden Town.
When going to the lingerie shop, we discovered the Portobello district, which is very beautiful, and has a lot of antique shops.
Then we went to Harrods because Julien never went there.

Bonbon Maléfique, le réçit d'un road trip en Australie. Un voyage extra ordinaire ! Etape Londonienne.

I really love London.

Then after 4 days we too the plane to Sydney.

Actually if we decided to go to Australia it wasn’t a random choice. Julien’s brother and his wife spent a year there, and they asked if we wanted to join them for a few weeks of vacation to visit the south-east of Australia.

After a 22 hour flight in the famous  A380 (Yes it is very huge) we finally arrived to Sydney, and then we had to take another plane to Adelaide where Thomas and Eva awaited us.

It was not long, but after 22 hours you’re a bit bored and all you want is to get out of planes.
And also fortunately I had my super socks made for long flights that I have bought in Japan back during our first trip. They work as contention stockings and also are super comfy. Because what I did not say yet, is that I had an open wound on my leg, something quite serious, not a small thing.
You might already think that I’m crazy to take a 22 hour flight, but now you must think that I’m the craziest person ever haha But you can !

(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

For those who think that I better had cancelled, nope, absolutely nothing happened. And I love these socks, maybe it’s thanks to them, I don’t know, but I wear them for all the flights even short ones now.

Bonbon Maléfique, le réçit d'un road trip en Australie. Un voyage extra ordinaire !

On our first day in Adelaide we walked around in the city. There were a lot of beautiful victorian styled buildings and shopping centers. There are a lot like that in Australia.
We ended up super tired because of the flight. We went to a motel in the evening and I remember that I went to bet at like 7pm until 8 or 9am the next day.

Then in the morning Julien and Thomas picked the campervan with which we would spend the 8 next days.

If you know me and hang out with me on a daily basis you might have noticed that I’m like « ARGH, a campervan ! (`・/д\・) » each time I see one of them.

I never camped in my life, and I never wanted to do it. This time it wasn’t our decision, but as the campervan had toilets and a shower I was like « Meh, let’s see ».
But nope. Once but never again ! I’ll tell you why later, but let’s talk about more fun things for now.

We went to Willalooka to visit one of the former host families Thomas and Eva worked at. They own a farm of sheep and Angus black cows. The farm was huge, and we visited the lot with quads.

Bonbon Maléfique, le réçit d'un road trip en Australie. Un voyage extra ordinaire !

I guess you already played Tomb Raider III ? It’s really as simple as that to drive a quad (⌒▽⌒)☆

After leaving Willalooka, we started our road trip, with our first goal : Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road.

With our best friend (not), the Euro Deluxe camper van. When I said huge, it’s like the movies The Millers or Beethoven 3.
Fortunately this kind of vehicle is rather common in Australia, so there are a lot of parking spots made for them.

Now I’m going to tell you why this is the worst vacation idea ever.

I don’t have pictures of the inside, but in short it was 3 double beds (we used two), shower and toilets, and everything to cook, fridge, microwave and TV.
It is super expensive, and comfort is zero.
The space is big enough, but there are no true mattresses, so the comfort is worse than the crappiest cheap hotel.

Renting a car and spending all the nights in hotels would have been way cheaper and more comfortable.
You can also imagine how expensive the fuel was for such a thing. Plus add the expensive rent and caravan park fees for the night. Some locations were more expensive than hotel rooms, and the average was the price of an hotel room.
At the end, we paid like 3 times more for basically zero comfort.
Our next trip is also a road trip, but everything calculated and hotels are already booked.

Bonbon Maléfique, le réçit d'un road trip en Australie. Un voyage extra ordinaire !

Anyway, let’s come back to more positive things, because this trip was really great.
Our first stop was the city of Port Fairy, where we ate the best hamburger ever (for now haha) (♥ω♥*) and then let’s go for a few hours drive to Melbourne. I was very happy to see civilisation again, because I have to say that there are a lot of « empty » places on the Great ocean Road.

Now I just have one thing to say : I love Melbourne.
Its street art, wonderful buildings, antique shope, creepy Luna Park… (and Chris Hemsworth.)
We stayed there for 4 days. Julien and I would have loved to stay longer.

Bonbon Maléfique, le réçit d'un road trip en Australie. Un voyage extra ordinaire !

By the way talking about the Luna Park, it’s too bad it was closed, it opened only on weekends if I’m right.
I would have loved to see the inside. The entrance is free, but you have to pay the rides if you want to go on them. But I just wanted to see because this kind of place looks like a 50s creepy movie and it’s awesome.

The buildings of the city were very beautiful. There was even a shopping center built around a former industrial building. And for all the antique fans, I recommend you to visit Prahran Market !

And after a long walking day, enjoy a little Hungry Jack’s ?
It is the Australian Mc Donalds.

Bonbon Maléfique, le réçit d'un road trip en Australie. Un voyage extra ordinaire !

After leaving Melbourne, it’s time to go one the road again. We stopped to visit Philip Island, famous for its wild penguins.
Sadly it did not seem to be their day, because we saw only a few ones, hidden in bushes.

Bonbon Maléfique, le réçit d'un road trip en Australie. Un voyage extra ordinaire !

After visiting Philip Island, we headed to Sydney, where we stopped just for one night, because Julien and I planned to come back and spend a week there at the end of the trip.

During the Vivid Sydney festival, there were illuminations on monuments and buildings, it was so beautiful, and I was impatient to come back to this city.

Bonbon Maléfique, le réçit d'un road trip en Australie. Un voyage extra ordinaire !

Then we visited the Blue Mountains national park. At this moment I have to say that I made a « nature overdose ». All the landscapes looked the same to me and I was bored as hell because I guess you noticed that I prefer cities to nature. Plus the weather was bad and cold with a lot of fog. I felt like everything I saw were « holes with trees in them » even if the sign stated « best lookout ever ».

Then we headed to Brisbane. To finally give the campervan back. AWWW YIISSSS !!! ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́)

On this road we saw our first wild kangaroo. Also wombats. Then a big banana and a little shrimp.

Bonbon Maléfique, le réçit d'un road trip en Australie. Un voyage extra ordinaire !

We were driving along the coast, and then stopped at Byron Bay, Gold Coast, and Springbrook national park.

At this moment, our road trip was almost over. Brisbane was about an hour from Gold Coast. We had already booked our hotels in Brisbane and Sydney. And also we had an appointment to bring back the campervan.
By the way we ate a pizza in a restaurant on the beach.

Then we finally arrived to Brisbane, and we spent 4 days there.

Once arrived to Brisbane, we checked into our hotel (with awesome egyptian cotton sheets like they said on, and we went to the car rental. Bye bye campervan, I won’t miss you at all.
You can’t imagine how happy I was to finally sleep in a real bed. My back hurted so much.

Bonbon Maléfique, le réçit d'un road trip en Australie. Un voyage extra ordinaire !

I really loved Brisbane and the architecture there. Again the stay was too short. Like in Melbourne, it wes really beautiful.

And now, something you were all waiting for : Koalas !

Koalas are my favorite animal. Others like kittens, I love koalas, they are awesome.

We visited the Australia Zoo, one hour north of Brisbane, founded by the family of the famous « Crocodile Hunter » Steve Irwin.

There are animals from all over the world, not only Australian ones.
You can see Koalas and kangaroos freely walking around, which is totally awesome. They are used to see people so they are not afraid and it results in wonderful pictures.

Bonbon Maléfique, le réçit d'un road trip en Australie. Un voyage extra ordinaire !

But there is also the most dangerous snake in the world, the most dangerous bird in the world, the most dangerous sea urchin in the world, the most dangerous fish in the world…
You never wondered why in Crash Bandicoot he instantly dies whenever something touches him ? Because it’s alwaus the most dangerous in the world.
The classical stereotype about Australia, the country where everything tries to kill you.
But well, each time we hear crazy stories involving animals, they always happen in Australia.

Oh yes, they also have the most annoying noisy bird in the world. The Kookaburra.
You DO NOT want to have one sitting on the balcony of your hotel room.
Le Kookaburra. Non vous ne voulez pas en avoir un sur le balcon de votre chambre d’hôtel.
You must listen to this.. They call it « monkey bird », now you realize why. Put this as an alarm on your phone, you will thank me later.
You can also buy Kookaburra plushies in souvenir shops, which make this awful noise when you press their tummy. Perfect gift idea.

I’m also afraid that I have something very sad to reveal. The Looney Tunes lied to us. Tasmanian Devils don’t spin and say « bluahwuwhuagua ».

Once the 4 days went over, we took a plane to Sydney to spend our last week. Thomas and Eva did not come with us.

We had a wonderful hotel with a heated swimming pool at the 20th floor, and our room was at the 29th floor, with a nice view on the city. You feel like Bruce Wayne (even if it’s not Gotham)

Bonbon Maléfique, le réçit d'un road trip en Australie.

As we were in the CBD, we could walk to almost all of the important places, like the famous opera house and harbour bridge.
There is also a creepy Luna Park, and this time we went in, and it’s true, you just feel like in an old scary movie with creepy clowns.

There was a flyer at the hotel, with which we were able to buy low-priced tickets for different museums and stuff.
So we bought tickets for the Sea Life Park and Madame Tussauds wax museum. Julien never went to one so it was the occasion.
The next day we went to the Sea Life Park. It was huge and very interesting. All the settings were really beautiful and well made, the fish were looking super beautiful, even jellyfish in a tank where light changed color, which made de jellyfish changing color.

Bonbon Maléfique, le réçit d'un road trip en Australie.

The next day we went to the Madame Tussauds wax museum.
A while ago, the first time I went to London(I was 13 or 14) I went to Madame Tussauds London and I loved it.

By the way I learned that Marie Tussaud was born in Strasbourg, there was a statue of her. I cannot recall if there was one in London too.

We were also able to fulfill one of our childhood dreams : Getting on Eliott’s bike and fly to the moon with E.T. the Extraterrestrial. With the accurate music.

For our last days in Sydney we visited the emblematic places of the city, and to end this post, I leave you with a little fashion touch, it’s the souvenir I bought for myself : A lovely RM Williams shirt.
I fell in love when I saw it in Melbourne, but there wasn’t my size. So I looked for it at every RM Williams shop I found in all the cities, and I finally found the right size the last week in Sydney ! I was so happy ! It has lovely pintucks which give a very retro look. It looked good with Lolita clothes, and it’s even better with retro and vintage clothing.

Bonbon Maléfique, le réçit d'un road trip en Australie.

Now, did I give you enough good reasons to take a 22 hour flight to Australia ?

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