Vintage outfit for cold days

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Hello everyone !

I noticed that I hardly ever shared outfit posts. I do some OOTD posts on Instagram from time to time but that’s all.

I often get asked if I’m wearing vintage all the time, during all seasons, and particularly when it’s cold. People are often surprised that I’m wearing only stockings, and that I never wear pantyhoses or jeans and modern puffy winter jackets.

It’s a kind of weird question because winter always existed… And it was even colder in the past than today… It would be strange that vintage winter clothes don’t exist. And you already start to know me quite well, I don’t want to buy modern clothes (*≧▽≦)

So here is an example of one of my 1940s inspired outfits.

The most important item : Wool coat !

If I should only recommend one thing, one important item, I would say it’s the wool coat.
I got my first one from my mom when I was in my early teens and stick to them since then. They don’t look thick, but they are warm !

The one I’m wearing here comes from a thrift site. I love it because it’s a lot like the 40s trench styled winter coats. It has no buttons and no zipper, only the belt holds it. It is pure wool with satin lining.

Then there are of course wool scarves. But when it’s very cold, I like to wear my grandma’s fur collar from the 1930s. I’m sure your grandma still has one somewhere too.

Talking about fur, may you be for or against it, I strongly recommand to wear a vintage one. Avoid all the new items if you want to protect animals, and also fake fur items.
Fake fur is plastic, so made of petrol and is bad for the environment. Throwing your grandma’s vintage fur to the trash and buy a plastic copy of it it not a good idea…

What do you wear under the coat ? More wool, and layers !

The 40s were the knitting years. Cardigans, sweaters and so on…
So if you are in 40s style, my favorite combination is knitted wool short sleeved sweater with knitted cardigan over it.
It is warm, without being too thick. You dont want to loook like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Plaid wool skirts are a very fashionable item in the 40s. And it’s warm. Wear them with a cotton underskirt (no puffy petticoat !) and if you are from the ones who easily get cold, get a slip made from thermic fabric, such as french brand Damart or Uniqlo’s HeatTech. (You can make one yourself using fabrics of these items that you can easily buy from thrift stores or sites)

The skirt I’m wearing also comes from a thrift store.

Now last question : Am I wearing stockings, and how do I do to not freeze.

You got fooled by the photo and thought that I was only wearing socks.

No. I’m wearing seamless 60s nylon stockings AND white socks over them.
It’s to have the « no stockings available » look.

During WW2 there were nylon and silk shortages due to war effort, so stockings were hard to find. Silk and nylon were used to make parachutes for example.

And no, I’m not freezing. Despite their invisibility, stockings are warm enough for me.

The extreme solution if it’s really very cold, is that I’m wearing two pairs of stockings. My girdles’ clips are big and strong enough to hold them.
I get all my underwear from What Katie Did.

During shortage times, women had ideas. They knitted wool stockings or made cotton ones. Personnally I don’t like them, so I leave this to history. Or it was also possible for some women to get stockings on the black market…

Now you know everything about how to be pretty when it’s cold !

Outfit details :

Coat, fur collar, skirt, stockings : Vintage

Shoes and bag : La Petite Musette

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