Wearing a Lolita dress out of Lolita

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Hello !

First of all I wanted to say thank you to all the reactions I got on my previous article about clothing style changes. I’m really happy that you liked it !

Then, as promised in said article, today I would like to give an example of an outfit using a Lolita dress. As we often read or hear, it’s not because you are wearing a Lolita dress that your outfit can be considered as Lolita. To be considered as such, the outfit has to follow numerous rules.

I kept a few Victorian Maiden dresses which I really like, particularly the Lazy Afternoon Frill Boat Neck Dress. A dress with pictures. Not really surprising coming from me. (*≧▽≦)


As the name says (and by the way the name is kinda funny, like a lot of Lolita dresses names, Lazy Afternoon) it’s a boat neck dress. I really liked it, not only because there are pictures on it, but also because I totally love boat necks. They make me think of the 60s and Audrey Hepburn.

it’s not because you are wearing a Lolita dress that your outfit can be considered as Lolita

Let’s do this ! (/^▽^)/

The dress has already a very busy print, so we are going to make the rest of the outfit very light. Starting with forgetting all of the rules of Lolita fashion.
Hey, I see what you did there, you tried to wear a blouse under the dress !  (≧∇≦*)
Let’s admit that it’s quite tempting to stick to the Lolita rules, as it’s a sort of reflex. When you put on a Lolita dress you’re tempted to build a Lolita outfit you would have worn to a teap party. By the way, since several years, Lolita outfits for events tend to become more and more impressive, using a lot of accessories and wigs… ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨

For jewelry, I chose a very small blue Bonbon Maléfique set, which is very discreet, matching the dress. The clear version could have been used too, but as I love blue…

And I chose to wear only one bigger accessory, a large rign. Only one. This sterling silver masterpiece from Penny Dreadful collection from Fables by Marti Heil.
I really love this ring, and Penny Dreadful is my favorite show, also this piece is a wonderful reference to my favorite litterary character, Dorian Gray. One thought for Mr. Oscar Wilde.
This was the fangirl moment.

So we have the dress, the jewelry, now let’s come to the stockings. Avoid the white stockings, opaque stockings, and also high socks or other lacy ankle socks. The whole outfit is lace-free by the way. We will go for a nude tone. To add a little touch of glamour, I chose blue seams stockings. We can also ditch the stockings if it’s too hot.

Then, shoes and handbag. I chose a pair of Miss L Fire black suede sandals, with a black vintage purse. Even if there is no black on the dress, I prefer to have something outstanding rather than being too matchy-matchy.

And now it’s time to talk about make up and hair.

For the hairstyle, I chose a sort of revisited « Audrey Hep-bun », with a touch of 19th century inspired by Penny Dreadful’s main character Vanessa Ives.
You did not see this one coming isn’t it ! ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞
Buns are one of my biggest passions, this is why I have one on the logo of my brand.

I also chose not to wear any hair accessory, again to avoid an over loaded outfit.
For make up, we also stick with something discreet, with my beloved pink lipstick. I’m going to talk about my favorite lipstick in my next post !

By the way, I was thinking about it. According to you, could this outfit be considered as Lolita ? According to the rules and trends of the recent years ?

Details of the outfit :

+ Dress : Victorian Maiden
+ Necklace and earrings : Bonbon Maléfique
+ Ring : Fables by Marti Heil
+ Bag : Vintage
+ Stockings : What Katie Did
+ Make up with Shiseido and Besame Cosmetics
+ Shoes : Miss L Fire

That said I’m going to contemplate my pictures, see you later !

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