Yes, I dress like my grandma

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Hello everyone !

Sometimes I just feel the urge of writing down some of my thoughts about fashion. And as I just came back from a small Vintage market where I met a lot of very nice and interesting people, I have things to say.

Since I started to wear retro and vintage clothing daily, the way how people are looking at me has changed a lot. And in a very positive way. Maybe it will sound exagerated, but I feel like my life drastically changed since about a year and a half.

I went from the awkward goth teen, to the weird doll-looking girl in Lolita, and today with my retro style, I don’t get much attention anymore. And I have to admit that I like it, because being seen as the weird person isn’t positive at all, particularly when you get older. We get used to this new comfort quite quickly and it’s really nice not to be an attraction and not getting any insults anymore either. And for some sad testimonies I heard of, some people had it even worst than just insults.
When you are young you just don’t care, but when you get older it starts to be difficult.

Of course dressing in a retro style is still outstanding, as it stays very different from today’s mainstream fashion.
How people react to it is also different in other countries and cultures.
If you have read my blogs about my trip to the US, I say several times that I have got a lot of compliments in the street, from various people from various ages. Some of them even crossed the street to come to say that my dress was pretty or that they liked my hair.
Retro style does not seem to surprise Americans a lot.

I did not went to Japan since I have quit  Lolita, but I wonder how Japanese people will react to retro. Because the image of pin ups come from the USA, so Americans are not surprised because it is a familiar image to them, and pin ups are still loved today, judging from all the books and vintage ads used to decorate places.
But I guess that in Japan it’s less common, so let’s see. I’ll tell you during my next trip to Japan.

Now let’s talk about France.  I’m going to a lot of Vintage markets with my shop, and I get a lot of compliments about my outfits too. You are going to say that it’s because people who visit vintage markets like vintage items, which is true. But I also have a lot of questions about my look there.

Most of the time I have two kinds of questions :

First, many older people ask me why I like these clothes. They are very surprised but in a positive way.

They had these clothes when they were young, and got rid of them, replacing them with modern things. But in some way they regret the past, because many of them say that « back then people used to be more elegant and well dressed », and this is for women but also for men. So when they see someone wearing these clothes they are happy because it reminds them of their youth.
And on a more personal side, talking with these people is always very interesting and you can learn a lot from them.

And this is exactly what I say to people who ask me why I like the clothes.
They have an elegance you can’t find in modern clothing anymore, and also they are way better quality, made to last, unlike today’s throw-away fashion.
The elderly people are very happy to see that there are still young people who like this style, and it makes them nostalgic of these years.

« I used to have this when I was young » « My mother dressed like that » « This was great, it’s great quality » …. are things I often hear.

I also had several compliments about my hairstyles, because these ladies know how styles like Victory Rolls can be hard to make. Some of them even asked me how I did to achieve them.

It also often happens that with older ladies I’m talking about lingerie. They say « It’s not the same anymore either ». Then I talk to them about brands like What Katie Did or House of Satin and they are very happy to hear that, because it means that these elegant and sexy undergarments still exist and are still loved.
They are not just « Grandma panties ».
By the way a lot of men love this kind of lingerie a lot, because it’s very elegant and they are sexy in a way that is very different from the modern definition which is often a synonym of vulgarity.

There are also younger people. A lot of them appreciate how retro looks, but don’t dare because « It’s old fashioned » or they are « afraid to look old ». And better not talk about lingerie, because it’s directly rejected as unsexy grandma underwear…

Some even asked me while looking at my vintage clothes racks « Do you have anything for young people ? »
Because people tend to think that vintage is for the elderly.

How many times I got asked if it doesn’t bothers me to be dressed like my grandma.

Even if right now this kind of clothes are starting to be trendy, for example a tartan skirt below the knee will be considered as old fashioned. But only until the giants of fast fashion (which I won’t name) will copy the style and sell them, then everyone will want them. This happens very often. Remember the peter pan collars a few years ago ?

« Oh this is so uncool and looks old ! » so let’s mock it, and then 15 days later it’s trendy and everyone wants it.

According to me, the argument « it doesn’t look young enough » is quite paradoxal, because I also often hear « But it suits you because you are young ».

So, it looks old, but you have to be young to wear it ? I try to understand (^^ゞ
Or it’s just to avoid me because I’m a seller haha.

But well I try to communicate my passion for the vintage and retro esthetic, and I’m very happy to see that it works and that people are very interested.
I think that when you love something we can easily communicate the love to others, and even to people who had a negative image of this thing.

If you think that these clothes (and the matching underwear) look old because it’s your grandma who was wearing them, never forget that your grandma used to be young.
I’m sure that you think it’s beautiful when you see old pictures.
So if you like it, you should definitely try it. You will find something that suits you for sure.

Outfit details :

True vintage dress and gloves

Earrings and necklace : Bonbon Maléfique

Ring : Fables by Marti Heil

Make up with Besame Cosmetics

2 Replies to “Yes, I dress like my grandma”

  1. It depends on the culture I guess. I was born in Italy and like you, I was the infamous goth girl in town. Everybody hated my clothes until they came kinda in fashion (studs, to name one). When I moved here in the UK I started leaning towards rockabilly style and even though it’s « vintage/old » people of all age will admit it looks stylish.
    Everyone should just wear what they like 🙂
    Ps I love your travel posts 🙂

    1. I totally agree with you 🙂

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