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Salut tout le monde !

Je sais, j’ai l’impression de vous avoir abandonnés depuis un petit moment, chers lecteurs du blog, mais rassurez vous je suis toujours là.

Mais j’ai une excuse, il y a juste à jeter un œil à mon calendrier ! Après une semaine de folie au Elsass Rock & Jive Festival de Schiltigheim, je suis à nouveau sur les routes en commençant par le Salon du Vintage de Bourg en Bresse ce weekend. Et surtout je commence à remplir la deuxième partie de l’année. Des projets sont déjà en cours pour septembre !

Entre temps, je n’en avais pas parlé parce que je voulais garder la surprise, j’ai été interviewée par le journal l’Alsace et les DNA, dans le cadre de ma candidature à Miss Pin-Up Grand Est.

Ça m’a fait bizarre de me revoir dans le journal. La dernière fois devait être lors d’un des concerts de mon groupe il y a 10 ans ou plus. Probablement avec un titre du style “Du Rock à la fête de la musique”. Bref.

J’ai été vraiment très heureuse de discuter avec un journaliste très sympathique et intéressé par ma passion du rétro et vintage. Parce que j’aime énormément en parler, et je peux en parler très très longtemps quand on me lance, mais c’est le principe d’une passion (*^▽^*)/

Je voulais donc partager avec vous ces très beaux articles.

Cliquez ici pour agrandir : L’Alsace
Cliquez ici pour agrandir : DNA


Hello everyone !

I know, I feel like I left you behind since a little while, but don’t worry I’m here.

I have an excuse, just take a look to my calendar ! After a crazy week at the Elsass Rock & Jive Festival and the Vintage market in Bourg en Bresse, then this weekend’s anime con in Metz, and the next one in Strasbourg. We already have projects for september !

Between all of these things, I wanted to keep the surprise, but I was interviewed by the local newspapers l’Alsace and DNA, regarding my shop and the Miss Pin Up Grand Est contest.

It felt weird for me to see my face in the newspapers again. Last time was like 10 years ago or even more, when I used to play gigs my my former music band. Whatever.

I was very happy to talk with a great journalist who was very interested in retro lifestyle and vintage fashion. Because I love to talk about it, and I can talk about it for a very long time  (*^▽^*)/

So I wanted to share these beautiful articles.

Click to see picture : L’Alsace



What it says :

A certain idea of Elegance

Estelle Chantome, 30, made her passion for vintage clothes and 40s-50s style her job, by creating an online shop « Bonbon maléfique vintage ». She will take part of the Miss Pin-up Grand Est contest on June 24th in Metz.

Estelle particularly loves the chic of the 1940-1950 fashion styles. Photo Julien Chantome

« American actress Gene Tierney, Queen Elizabeth II of England and my grandma Marie-Jeanne : They are my biggest inspirations » , says Estelle Chantome. Born in Guebwiller and now living in Strasbourg, this young woman dressed like in the 40s or 50s daily.  « People used to be elegant, which is something that tends to disappear in todays fashion ».

It is thanks to her grandparents, who still live in Guebwiller, that Estelle adopted these years style : « I always loved to look at my grandparents old photo albums and listen to their stories, and I still love to do that today. »

Meanwhile today vintage and retro fashion becomes quite popular, the Florival-born does not only dress like the chic 1950s french girl, she also writes a blog and her passion is also her job, as she sells authentic vintage clothes as well as jewelry and hats in her online shop « Bonbon maléfique vintage » .

« I started to sell clothes 2 years ago. I love to hunt for them and then clean and repair these clothes and accessories. It is a way to share my passion, because I’m working on vintage markets in France and also Belgium. »

Vintage fashion but not vintage values…

Estelle, who already was a model for pictures and videos, will now take part of a beauty pageant for the first time. « It is a first time for me, and it would be so great and I would be very proud if I could be able to represent my region. Everything started when I met a person at a vintage market. » She will take part of the Miss Pin-Up Grand Est contest on june 24th in Metz.

« It is like Miss France but retro. But there is no weight, height or age criteria. You can be married and even have kids. And this is what is great in it. The only thing you have to have, is a retro style and wear it daily. » , says the young woman : « Taking part of this contest is a great way to share my love for retro and vintage, and also my values. Because for me, being a “pin up” today is not only about looks. Yes to vintage fashion, but not to vintage values.  »

They will be 15 to dream of getting the title, which means that she will take part of the national Miss Pin Up France in october in Nancy.
« There will be 3 shows. One with a day outfit, one with an evening outfit, and there will also be a talent show. I will sing. »

Click to see picture : DNA

L’élégance des années 50

Estelle Chantôme, 30, born in Guebwiller, is for sure born at least 40 years too late. Particularly when it comes to clothing style, which is characterized by the “French elegance and chic”.
She does not only dress like american actress Gene Tierney, Queen Elizabeth II of England and her own grandma, she also owns a vintage online shop where she sells authentic vintage clothes and accessories, which is her job.

To live her passion all the way, she decided to compete in the Miss Pin-up Grand Est contest. A beauty pageant that values retro and vintage style. But she says  « Vintage fashion, but not vintage values : I don’t agree with everything they did or thought back then  ! »
Regional election will take place June 24th in Metz, and the national election in october in Nancy.


Maintenant il n’y a plus qu’à attendre le 24 juin. Est-ce que je vais rentrer avec une écharpe ? (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

Sinon avec Julien, on vous prépare aussi de très grosses surprises en ce qui concerne la boutique : Une toute nouvelle collection, exceptionnelle, 100 % made in Alsace.

Nous avons investi dans une machine de découpe laser, avec laquelle nous fabriquerons bijoux, accessoires et divers objets de décoration. Notre liste de projets est déjà longue !

Pour cela nous allons lancer une nouvelle marque, dont je ne vous dévoile pas le nom et le logo pour l’instant.

Notre première collection “geek” sera lancée à Metz’Torii


Well, now let’s wait for the 24th and the results. Will I get a sash?  (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

Anyway, with  Julien, we are working on a lot of new things. And particularly something very big for my shop : A whole new collection, 100 % made in Alsace.

We invested in a laser cutting machine, with which we will make jewelry, decoration items and accessories. We alreay have plenty of ideas.

We launched our first products this weekend at Metz’Torii !


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